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Guitars, basses and... pianos? for left-handed

Guitars, basses and... pianos? for left-handedWhen a left-handed person is going to buy a guitar or to start learning is often advised to use a guitar for left-handed. Well if it's a classical guitar all you have to do is to change the strings order to convert it into a left handed guitar. That means to place the 6th string where is the 1st, the 5th string where is the 2nd, etc... but this won't work in electric, acoustic and bass guitars since the volume controls, cutaway, body design, pegs... are not well placed when you turn it around. The guitar on the photo is for right handed, then in a left handed guitar all the buttons would be in the other side.

That's why the main manufacturer brands make electric, acoustic and bass guitars for left handed, with the volume controls, other buttons, body shape, cutaway, pegs... at the other side

But there are left handed guitarists who play right handed guitars. When playing guitar both hands do different things: one plays and the other presses the strings. That also happens when driving a manual gear car, the right hand changes the gear, the left other tools like lights and both the steering wheel. But this is very personal and some left handed people may play a right handed guitar and some not. That's why I advice to try what's best for you.

I thought many times there aren't pianos for left handed people with the bass notes on the right of the keyboard or with a reverse keyboard C, B, A ,G, F,... instead of C, D, E, F, G... In all pianos the left hand plays the bass notes and the right hand the treble notes which use to be the melody... and there are many left-handed pianists.

But... should there be pianos for left-handed? Do the bass notes of accompaniment sound too loud since left-handed have more strength in the left hand covering the treble notes of the right hand which use to be the main melody? but... that would be... a complete different piano! A pianist could not play it without... learning again almost from ground since it would have all the notes turned around and that won't be practical and it would be expensive.

I humbly ask this question, not knowing how all the left handed pianist of the entire World think. I never saw a piano built with a reverse keyboard with the basses on the right and the trebles on the left. But there are guitars and basses for left handed people built as contrary and it also happens this: a right-handed cannot play a left-handed guitar and vice-versa although has been playing guitar for years. It's like starting to learn from ground!

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Insightful post! I can understand left-handed guitar but a piano? Interesting concept.

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