Why mentoring matters? - Here's the secret how you can benefit from it

Why mentoring matters? - Here's the secret how you can benefit from it

At the beginning of my career, I had two mentors. They were guiding me in technology and IT governance. Over the years, I learnt from them until we all evolved. Me as well as them, moved forward. After that I've had mentors, people way skilled than me. I learnt from them to be as skilled as they were. Some of them I have never met. Nowadays I work in a company, where mentoring and learning (reading) culture is highly appreciated.

Few days back I watched TED Talk video How to Become a Millionaire in 3 Years, by Daniel Ally. From his video, I got the idea of reading the backside of the book cover who the writer is and to know does writer have some important things to say for you? Okay, let’s assume, reading is important.

Do you know why reading is important?

Is reading is important to get wider, general knowledge? My school teachers were saying it me in 90’s. Maybe it can be important for some. I would think it important, if I would participate Who Wants to Be Millionaire competition.

- As myself, I don't want to be general practitioner. I want to succeed in things I think are important, the ones which have value for me.

Next I watched video Design Your Dream Life Through Passive Income by Alex Szepietowski. Alex made his fortune using real estate business. Passive income, which I have read a lot, didn't seem to be right choice for me. When I tested theory in the past, I managed to get enough money to pay the site hosting costs yearly, approximately 150 euros. It wasn’t even nearly as much as I needed for living without daily job. Real estate business is more understandable. In a fact, in Finland, many millionaires have created their success with real estate business. Alex speech gave me something else. I understood Alex had a real estate business guru to follow. Okay, gurus and mentors are important.

Do you have mentors or gurus you follow and learn from them?

If you think it, sure you will find at least few of mentors you have had. In Finland, we have a strong apprentice-master culture. This method has exists thousand year, maybe even longer. Idea has been rising again and is getting more popular. In IT business, we have this culture already. In fact you can find it almost everywhere in business and even from schools an