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VIDEO: Sales Recruiter | Lead Generation | Telemarketing | Minneapolis, MN | St. Paul, MN | Minnesota | USA

VIDEO: Sales Recruiter | Lead Generation | Telemarketing | Minneapolis, MN | St. Paul, MN | Minnesota | USA

VIDEO: Sales Recruiter | Lead Generation | Telemarketing | Minneapolis, MN | St. Paul, MN | Minnesota | USA

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[0:00] Sure money doesn't grow on trees [0:03] but who says you can't make money, well...grow? [0:07] Growing a business and planting a tree, is a bit similar. [0:10] They both start with a seed - an idea. [0:13] They need to be nurtured, [0:15] they need proper resources, [0:17] and could use a little personal attention to make sure they reach their fullest potential. [0:22] At Grow Your Sales Pipeline, [0:24] we're all about helping your business grow into it's full potential. [0:28] We're a different kind of B2B lead generation company [0:31] because we believe in doing everything with a personal touch. [0:35] With countless calls under our belt, [0:37] hundreds of thousands of emails delivered, [0:39] and hundreds of successful marketing campaigns run for startups and large corporations alike, [0:44] we've created a proven process for success in every aspect of lead generation - [0:50] from lead generation marketing, recruiting, to training. [0:54] And we'd love to share our personal approach with you. [0:57] Whether you're looking to increase brand awareness or get sales ready leads, [1:00] you can expect results. [1:02] And we think you'll find that money actually can grow. [1:04] Just ask these folks. [1:07] So contact us and Grow Your Sales Pipeline today...https://www.growyoursalespipeline.com/ 

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