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Add Flourish To Your Home With Specialty Windows

If you are looking to upgrade or enhance your home’s appearance, you can start with your windows. Too ma ny homeowners rely on traditional rectangular windows, depending on extraslike drapes and shuttersto add flair. Instead of using extra touches to make your windows look better, choose bold windows that show off your sense of style.

Pick The Right Company 

First things first, when you are considering getting replacement windows or doors in Toronto make sure that you look for a company that is fully-insured, offers free in-home consultations, and is Energy Star and Health Smart certified. Check references to confirm that the company is not a discount brand or a hook and ladder company — which means that the company is there one day, but gone the next. Remember that companies that function as both manufacturer and seller will be more committed to strong customer service, because the reputation of their product is at stake.

There are many different window designs that can transform the look and feel of your home. If you are looking for a daring design choice, you should invest in specialty windows. A specialty window may seem like a vague description, but it technically means any window shape or style that is not traditional.

Add Flourish To Your Home With Specialty Windows

Specialty Shapes

Specialty shapes for windows includeround, half-round, oval and octagon. These choices will stand out in place of traditional windows, and will emphasize your unique taste and personality. The distinct designs will set you apart from your neighbours and could turn your house into a work of art. You don’t have to limit yourself to ovals and octagons— it’s possible to customize your own specialty window for your space.


For those that prefer a lot of light, a skylight can be used to add additional brightness to an exterior room. Most skylights are used for adding more sunlight, but they can also be opened for additional ventilation.

Transom Windows

Set above a large window or a door, transom windows