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Three Fun Ideas For Your Wedding’s Cocktail Hour

A cocktail hour is the best way to entertain your guests while you are busy taking wedding photos, fixing your outfit or catching a break before you get to the reception. In order to please restless guests, most couples set up a bar so that they can have a drink or two before dinner starts. If you want to do more than the average couple, here are three fun ideas that can boost your wedding’s cocktail hour.

1. Customize Your Cocktails

While your guests will certainly appreciate a bar that can make classic drinks and mixes, they will be delighted with more exciting options. You and your partner can come up with your own signature wedding drinks inspired by your favourite colours, movies, songs, television shows, books or hobbies. You can even draw inspiration from each other and base the cocktail mixes off of your personalities — you can make a sugary drink tosay you are sweet or serve a spritzer to represent your bubbly attitude.

Three Fun Ideas For Your Wedding’s Cocktail Hour

2. Fine Finger Foods

By the time cocktail hour rolls around, your guests are going to be hungry— to prevent your wedding attendees from rushing off to the nearest café or fast food joint, ply them with delicious finger foods before dinner begins. Choose a trusted catering company like The Food Dudes to take care of your reception dinner, as well as the cocktail hour appetizers. They specialize in creating gourmet appetizers with fun twists like truffle beef sliders or mushroom grilled pizza dough. The catering company has options for meat-lovers, vegetarians and vegans — they also offer menu customization for any other dietary specifications like allergies and food sensitivities. You can make sure that your guests are fed and happy by hiring a reliable professional service to dish out a great selection before dinner.

3. Set Out An Amazing Guest Book

Instead of setting out a plain booklet, use your imagination to come up wi