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Is Green Certified Cleaning A Gimmick?

Many people look at things that are organic and chemical free as if they do not matter or even make a difference. It is a common question for people to ask, is green certified cleaning a gimmick? This topic is extremely controversial to say the least. After seeing so many alternate opinions, it is important to find out the facts and information about green certified cleaning. From results to health, how much is really true about this economically friendly cleaning alternative? 

Cleaning Results

Many would argue that chemicals have a much better result when it comes to cleaning. After all, chemicals are tough and effective. It is easy to assume this to be true especially given that many of us still choose to wipe down our bathroom counters and toilets with bleach. Shockingly, green certified cleaning products yield the same great results that chemically infused products yield. 

Green certified products use the most natural forms of products in order to create a cleaning solution that can break down dirt just as easily as your standard chemical and toxin ridden cleaning solution. Amazingly dirt is removed even easier with green certified products due to the natural breakdown of particles. Natural products still have the same, if not better results when it comes to carpet cleaning in Orange County (https://www.carpetcleaningorangecounty.net/). So why spend the extra money on products if the results are going to be similar? 

Health Benefits

Nowadays, health is always at risk. From high pollution, to the many food products we ingest it is hard to truly be healthy. Households with children, pets or individuals that have lower immune systems are at even higher risk. It is very important to keep a healthy home in order to avoid illness and health issues down the line. This is why keeping a clean home is imperative.Is Green Certified Cleaning A Gimmick?
Unnatural cleaning products are full of chemicals and toxins. After cleaning the entirety of your home with these products, you feel safe knowing that no dirt, dust, and bacteria is within the home. Unfortunately, what is left behind is dangerous and hazardous chemicals and toxins. This is extremely dangerous to breathe in and it can cause serious health problems in the long run. It has been proven that too many chemicals can eventually cause organ failure and other horrid problems. 
Green certified cleaning goes through a test with the FDA to ensure that it is truly safe and chemical free. These products are considered 100% green certified once they have passed all tests and are proven to only be made of natural ingredients and safe for everybody including children and pets. This makes sure that your home is safe and healthy for those within it.

Extra Benefits

Shockingly, after some digging it was found that green certified cleaning solutions and products actually help increase the life of your home. Things such as furniture, tile, and carpet will actually last longer if natural products are used. Chemicals and toxins begin to break down fibers and make them wear quicker. This wear and tear will eventually be incapable of being fixed without replacement. 

Green certified products only break down the bacteria, dirt, and more rather than the fibers. This ensures that your carpet, tile and upholstery will last for a very long time. Getting professional cleanings with green certified solutions will also help keep your carpet and upholstery safe and healthy because of the removal of bacteria and allergens. How great would it be knowing that your home furnishings and flooring will not only last longer but also be cleaner with this simple change? 
Another huge benefit to using green certified products is that they also kill bacteria and allergens. Removing these particles and germs from your home will increase the overall health and safety of your household. Chemicals can kill these as well but it also just replaces them with hazardous pollution and toxins that can decrease the health in the household. 

Is green certified cleaning a gimmick?

It is fact that green certified cleaning is beneficial in many ways. Though the controversy will continue, green certified cleaning solutions are not a gimmick. If you care about the your health and the health of your family, it may be time to make a few minor adjustments. You can purchase countless natural cleaning solutions online and in stores. If you are seeking professional cleanings for your flooring, upholstery and more then you can seek out companies that also use green certified cleaning solutions. It is very important to put your health first and if just changing the products you use is enough to keep your family safe then it is a wonderful change to make. If you have any opinions on this then speak openly but remember, don’t knock it until you try it. You can see and feel the difference.