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5 Reasons You Should Go Organic

5 Reasons You Should Go Organic

A lot of people like to talk about how much better organic food is, but often without specifying exactly what it is that is so superior to “normal” mass produced or processed food. This can make it difficult for someone to know why organic food is better, and question whether it is at all. In fact, there are many benefits to choosing organic food. Here are just five reasons why you should go organic.

There are Numerous Health Benefits

One of the main reasons why people opt for organic ingredients is the benefit they have one’s health. There are a lot of chemicals and unnatural ingredients that go into most mass produced food, in order to help it last for a long time. These chemicals can at best agitate certain allergies, and at worst cause serious illness by consuming too many of them. There are even some suggestions that GMOs and other non-organic foods can contribute to cancer and other terminal illnesses. Though these are largely unproven, it is worth going organic simply for peace of mind.

It is Better for the Environment

One of the hallmarks of organic farming is that it is dedicated to maintaining ecological balance and health. Pesticides and unnatural fertilizers can harm the ecosystem and are not allowed for use by farmers who want to classify their crops as organic. Organic farming also embraces traditional techniques such as crop rotation to make sure that anything grown is in season and remains fresh and natural from farm to table.

You Will Support Local Farmers

Mass produced, non-organic food is almost exclusively grown and sold by large companies and corporations who can afford to sell it with little mark up. Organic food is one of the only ways that local farmers are keeping afloat in today’s market, and as such one of the best ways to support your local farmers is to buy organic food from them. Much of the organic food that you will be able to buy anyway will come from smaller, family run farms anyway.