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Does IOT Pose As A Security Threat For Automobiles

Does IOT Pose As A Security Threat For Automobiles

The convenience that comes with having today's car models be brimming with electronic equipment that is setup to be connected to the internet or local radio network has been shown to have some drawbacks over the past few years.  Hackers have managed to create problems for drivers on the road as well as compromise security systems.

So does being connected to the internet of things pose an increased threat to the car that you drive?  The short answer is that it depends upon how thoroughly your car manufacturer has tested interoperability of the device features that they offer you.  On the positive side, gone are the days where they can rely upon electronics partners to hand them systems for integration without taking the time to guard against the insecurities that are being brought up and published online.

Here are some recent problems that can give you an example of the challenges in front of manufacturers regarding IOT devices:

Console and smartphone apps:

One of the hardest things for people to do when they first started using tablet devices and smartphones was to learn how to completely clear the device of their personal information before they traded it in or sold it to another party.  With cars,  as Naked Security pointed out, having IOT connected to your car's interior console and your smartphone loaded with applications that can access your car remotely you can expect that there will be some overlap in data and permissions, even if you reset your vehicle console before you trade it in.  The security to lock out previous owners with remote mobile applications was not built into all models- and the dealer typically has some of your data tied to that car stored locally.

Which doesn't pose a huge problem unless the previous owner is somewhat malicious.

Remote car keys:

Although remote car keys are not always Internet-enabled, some of the radio amplifier devices that thieves are using against them can be controlled from an Internet device.  The problem that this poses is that your keys, which project a radio signal that identifies you to your car, can have that signal amplified from within your house by a radio device controlled over the Internet.  The device can be placed as far as a few hundred meters from your house and still turn on your car and unlock the doors