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Establish the Best Process for Your Warehouse

Establish the Best Process for Your Warehouse

Warehouse functions are quite diverse in nature. The functions of each warehouse depend on the specifics of the business. For example, a small warehouse may cater to shipping and receiving of low weight goods transported mainly by vans or courier services. Then, there are the really large warehouses that are responsible to unload shipments from nearby shipping ports.

One function found in most warehousing is weighing of goods. In small warehouses, goods are weighed according to the standard dimensions of length, width, height and weight. In large warehouses, the weighing process is more complex due to the larger sizes of shipments that occupy more warehouse space. This type of weighing process is sometimes referred to as "volumetric" or "dimensional" weight.

Why is Dimensional Weight the Best Process for Your Warehouse

As most warehousing managers know, warehouse space is the major factor in ensuring that goods shipped have proper room for storage. Warehousing managers begin the process by considering the overall square footage of their warehouse and cost per square foot. These costs are then applied to the price of warehousing space. Dimensional weight or DIM is also the method used by shipping carriers to determine the cost of shipping freight.

How to Configure the Basic Calculation for Dimensional Weight

The basic calculation for determining dimensional weight is:

Length × width × height/dimensional factor in inches or centimeters. In cubing and dimensional weight systems, the calculation is theoretical, but also meets IATA shipping weight standards.

Applying this process to your warehouse allows the warehousing manager to calculate theoretical cost of space for shipments according to dimensional weight. This may be calculated in metric measurements of length, width and height stated in kilograms or metric tons.

Applying Dimensional Weight Calculations to Your Warehouse

By establishing the best process for your warehouse using dimensional weight calculations, warehouse space costs are more readily determined with greater accuracy. This process is used by freight carriers and logistics managers to determine space availability in trucks, aboard ships and also for air freighting.

Implementing the Best Warehouse Process

By implementing a cubing and dimensional weight system in your warehouse, warehousing businesses can quickly make price and <