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Leveraging cloud technogies for customer service

Leveraging cloud technogies for customer service

To say that 2016 is the year of "the cloud" would not be overstating the importance of cloud-based technology within the broader field of customer service. In fact, even if you don't feel like you are well-versed in cloud-based technology itself, there is a very good chance you are already using the cloud in some fashion (such as for email storage) in your every day business dealings. In this post, learn how you can leverage this same technology to improve your customer service outcomes.

Leveraging cloud technogies for customer service

The Cloud: Defined

If you can visualize a cloudy sky, you would probably describe what you see as discrete white clouds interspersed with the blue background of the sky itself. This is very much like how the cloud functions for the internet.

Each "cloud" holds a certain amount of stored data that can be accessed, edited, deleted, transferred or created. Each cloud belongs to a particular entity - an individual, a company or even a whole group of companies (such as with Amazon, which uses the cloud itself and also sells cloud storage to a number of smaller entities).

Leveraging cloud technogies for customer service

Customer Service and the Cloud

In the coming months, experts state that "service leaders anticipate double-digit growth for features that accelerate 1-to-1 customer interactions." The cloud is one of the hands-down best avenues to facilitate this type of highly individualized, personalized customer service interaction.

How precisely can the cloud help improve customer service outcomes and customer satisfaction ratings? Here are a number of key ways:

- Reduces your overhead costs. If you are currently using your own in-house private hosted server for data storage and security, you haven't yet realized the cost savings that a transition to the cloud can provide. You can elect to pass some or all of these cost savings on to your happy customers.

- Improves efficiency. As well, data can be accessed from anyplace in a secure fashion via remote devices. So you can serve your customers in real time from anywhere in the world, and so can your staff. This allows for the use of self service portals which have been shown to be extremely effective as well.

- Guards against data loss. Nothing makes a customer grumpier than discovering