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Sewing Projects Every Mom Will Love

Sewing Projects Every Mom Will Love

The holiday season is approaching fast, which means that soon it will be time for piling gifts around the Christmas tree for little ones. But if you have quite a few people to buy for, this can get to be pretty expensive. That is why many moms are choosing to make their gifts instead. Handcrafted gifts are the best because they can be tailored to each person's individual tastes and interests. Favorite colors or patterns can be used, or a special character can be stitched on too. To help you get started on making your Christmas gifts, here are a few easy sewing projects that can be done while the little ones are taking a nap.

Dream Pillows

Each of these pillows takes less than ten minutes to make, so several can be done in just one hour. Cut out small squares of pretty fabric that are about 6-inches wide on each side. Stitch them together, and turn them inside out. Then, stuff the inside of the pillows, so they are mostly full of cotton. But before you stitch them shut, add a small handful of lavender and chamomile flowers. These are meant for tucking under a person's main pillow. The scent helps a person to fall asleep faster at night.

Doll Dresses

This project is great for using up some of your leftover scrap fabric. First, cut out your material for a tiny dress. Keep the lines of it very simple. A sleeveless “A-line” dress is the easiest to do because it has no sleeves to fuss over. Stitch the shoulder straps together first before hemming the sides and bottom. These are cute to give with tiny homemade hangers. Just use a pair of wire cutters to cut up wire hangers that you have in your closet. Then, bend them into tiny new ones.

Mini-Sleeping Bags

Kids love sleeping bags to snuggle up in on the couch in front of the television on movie night. Most of them that are sold in the store are too big and heavy, though. To make a mini-sleeping bag, you will need some soft fleece fabric, matching thread, and a long zipper. First, stitch together the sides of two sheets of some fleece fabric that is as long as the height of the little one that you are sewing for. On the opposite side of the sleeping bag, install the zipper. Then, stitch the last bottom seam. Roll the sleeping bag up, and tie it with a ribbon.

Table Runners

A pretty table runner instantly freshens up a worn out coffee table, and it is so easy to make. Measure the length and width of a coffee table to get a pattern before you cut out your material. You will need two pieces of fabric. Press them with an iron to be sure that they match up perfectly. Be sure to add a hal