How to Avoid Scams When You Import from China

How to Avoid Scams When You Import from China

Different businesses adopt different business models. While several entrepreneurs rely heavily on import from China, others tread with caution. However, be it known that any kind of business entails all kinds of risk and getting scammed is just one of them. 

So how do you avoid scams when importing products from China? Below are quick tips to consider:

  • Create a solid roadmap for your business. How do you intend to go about your business in the long run? What are your short-term and long-term goals? Having clear goals helps you prepare for eventual risks while preventing collateral damage. Meaning, you would not pick business partners just for the sake of having one. You would spend time doing your research on a potential supplier, personally assessing their authenticity and getting feedback from previous clients just to avoid losses.
  • Do a test run. The purpose of test runs is to provide some perspective on what works, what doesn't work and what could have been improved. Many companies offer samples or sell piecemeal before they go big. This gives them an idea on buying patterns that are favourable and unfavourable. From there, they can build a system that amplifies the former and prevents or minimises the latter. This is also an opportunity for your supplier to prove themselves and see if your business model is compatible with theirs.
  • Never invest in counterfeit. Just because it's imported from China does not mean you should buy counterfeit products. Not only is it illegal but it's not good for your business reputation in the long run. Besides, there are several original made in China products that are not necessarily counterfeit. Buy those types of product instead.
If you're an e-commerce store, make sure to do business with suppliers that accept PayPal or Trade Assurance, which protects your orders. Suppliers that fail to offer trusted payment options may not be what they seem. Proceed with caution. Moreover, if you can't personally visit their factory or workshop, ask for samples before sealing the deal.

If you're an entrepreneur that regularly imports from China and is now looking for a reputable import-export freight forwarder in New Zealand, feel free to explore 

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