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The Basics of Credit Control - The 8 Steps to look out for : 2 – Purchase Orders:

The Basics of Credit Control - The 8 Steps to look out for : 2 – Purchase Orders:

Golden Rule: "Be simple and clear with your clients".

You receive a new order now from a new or existing client; you need to verify the following rules before order execution:

*  Does the value shown agree to that of your quote? If there is any difference or change, inform them quickly and keep contact to help them understand your terms.

*  Does the description of goods or service agree to your quote? Make sure that the customer need, and inform them about any misunderstanding or confusion that can delay the payment or make an issue or decrease the relationship between you and your client.

*  Is there any small print, showing their payment terms differing from yours? It’s a method that some customers uses when they order and when they need more time for payment. If you deliver goods or services that mean that you’re accepting there conditions, so take care when receiving orders.

*  Does it come from the same customer name, or is it from another entity? 

Call the customer to insure about all question you need to be sure that you will deliver the right goods/services to right client by the right method and on the right time.  

Do not just accept it if any of the above de not agree. Get it changed and inform your client about new terms and conditions.