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How to Take Care of Your Mattress? 3 Ways to Keep it Clean

How to Take Care of Your Mattress? 3 Ways to Keep it Clean

Having a clean mattress is essential to your health. An average person spends almost, and sometime more than one third of their life sleeping. That is a long time to be on a mattress! Having a clean mattress correlates to how well you sleep, even though most people do not realize they go hand in hand. Mattresses collect more than you would ever think.

They collect dust, dander, allergens, sweat, dirt, dead skin and even bugs you may not even know you have! Think about all those things I just mentioned and think about breathing all of that in for one third of your life!

A dirty mattress will greatly affect how clean the air is that you are breathing while you sleep. Cleaning a mattress will help it to last longer, which is a great thing since they cost quite a bit of money. Hearing all of this information must have you wondering how you go about cleaning your mattress and the answer is easier than you may think.

A study made by the mattermattress.com showed that simply doing three things to clean your mattress will have you sleeping better each and every night!

1. Vacuuming

A very simple cleaning technique is to simply rotate and flip the mattress followed by a good vacuuming. By rotating and flipping the mattress, it will extend the life of it as well as keep the mattress from being worn from constantly laying in the same spot. It also promotes the cleanliness of the mattress by not having someone on the same exact spot for the life of the mattress.

Vacuuming the mattress should be done with an upholstery attachment and any vacuum you use in your household. Even having a sheet on the mattress does not keep dust and crumbs off the surface of the mattress.

A simple vacuum will eliminate so much dust, dirt and allergens. Removing all of this dirt will take just a few minutes and you will be breathing easier that night when you lay down to sleep! Vacuuming can be done how ever often you wish, but having a routine vacuuming schedule will keep the mattress cleaner, longer. Vacuuming can be done every time you vacuum your floors or whenever you change the sheets on your bed, or you can do this task twice a year.

2. Baking Soda

Another great way to clean a mattress is to use baking soda. This simple item that almost everyone has in their kitchen cupboard goes a long way to make a mattress clean. The baking soda not only cleans, but it also deodorizes.

Most people do no notice that thsir mattress smells until they deodorize it. To deodorize the mattress, simply sprinkle baking soda directly onto it and let it sit for up to fifteen minutes. Taking a scrub brush to get the baking soda in all the crevices will help as well. Once it has been scrubbed and sat for fifteen minutes, pull out your vacuum and vacuum the mattress.

Just like that and your mattress smells fresh and clean. Baking soda can also be used to treat stains. There are the stains that you can see, spilled drinks or food, bodily fluids, etc., but there are also stains you may not see. Baking soda will take care of them all. To clean stains with baking soda, simply mix the baking soda with water and a small bit of any liquid dish soap until a paste like texture is made. Put this paste onto your mattress and use a scrub or tooth brush to work the paste into the mattress.

If you have more stubborn stains or there is blood involved, you can also add hydrogen peroxide to the paste mix. Let the mix dry on your mattress then scrape what remains off of the mattress and vacuum the area. Treating stains when they happen will make cleaning them up quicker and easier.

You may not know every spill that happens, when it hapowns, but the quicker the stain is addressed, the easier it is to clean and make sure that it does not become a deep stain that requires more work and scrubbing to get rid of. Just like that, with such simple ingredients, your mattress is smelling and looking like new!

3. Shampooer

A third way to keep your mattress clean is to use deep cleaner. Carpet shampooers will have upholstery attachments and there are so many hand held shampooers to spot clean on the market today. Either of these will work. If you do not have your own shampooer, or do not know someone who does, most major retailers rent units for a small fee.

There are many different types of cleaners made specifically for carpet shampooers that you are sure to find one that meets your specific mattress needs.

Some cleaners contain freshening ingredients that will help leave your mattress smelling great. Other cleaners will have ingredients to target pet stains, stubborn stains, allergen reducers or you can simply buy a generic cleaner. All will work on your mattress, depending on your specific needs. You should always start out by vacuuming your mattress before using a shampooer.

Once you have vacuumed, follow the specific instructions on your shampoo machine. It is important to remember that a shampooer will leave the mattress damp after you have cleaned it, so always leave yourself some time for the mattress to dry before putting sheets back on and using it. Using a shampooer will give you a real deep cleaned mattress without a ton of effort, as the machine will do most of the work!

Cleaning your mattress is a key component of your health, your sleep and how long your mattress will last. Any of these simple cleaning techniques will help you get the cleaning results you are looking for.