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A Sound Heart for Virtuous Living

A Sound Heart for Virtuous Living

What if our unconscious hearts long for worldliness and shun the ways of spirituality? What if our lives are full of chaotic and dubious thoughts and bereft of upright faith and patience? No doubt, we will be still humans, but without the many subtle substances that make our lives meaningful.

What’s the worth of our living when we awaken not our conscience to know something that’s clear and correct? Verily, our hearts are hardened when we examine not our actions and fail to realize our Creator, the Cherisher and Sustainer of the Worlds. How can we forget Him and stress our souls for the sake of scanty worldliness? Shouldn’t we remember Him, be content and happy in our lives and be thankful to Him for His blessings and bounties?

When we realize the realities and yet remain deviant with our own dogmas, then that’s like betraying the truths and following devilish whims. When it comes to making the world, we strive a lot for comforts, position and wealth. But, we turn frail and flouting to stir our souls from deep slumber and bring in fidelity and righteousness in our lives. Strange, isn’t that?

What a semblance of a person who professes inclination for harmony, but inwardly harbors hatred and rancor. What it means to have a clever smile or eloquent speech when there’s sickness in our hearts? What it means when we make clear promises to others and break it arrogance or in negligence? It may be easier to deceive people, but we cannot deceive the Almighty Lord. Indeed, He is All-Seeing and All-Hearing.

What it means to become followers of faith and talk about spirituality when we fail to recognize human beings under the aegis of humanity? If our conscience is dead, then how can we expect liveliness and success from the folds of ignorance and insensitivity? How can we be cheery and content when we hurt others’ feelings with our bothering attitude and sarcastic remarks?

Let’s enliven our conscience, embrace humanity, churn courtesies, endorse generosity and live in harmony.

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Mohammed Abdul Jawad is a writer, blogger and poet. 

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Pascal Derrien 4 d ago · #5

Integrity... Nice ;-)

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#2 Dear @Mohammed Abdul Jawad- thank you for your appreciation. Just to inform you that I am working on my next post and it is based from the illumination this buzz offered me as explained in my previous comment. I am in a state of chaos now but sure some organized thinking shall emerge.


#1 Dear @Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee Happy to hear that you enjoyed reading this post. Your sincere appreciation is honor for me. Thanks so much.

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@Mohammed Abdul Jawad- I enjoyed thoroughly your post. In fact you inspire me with an idea for a post upon reading your words "Verily, our hearts are hardened when we examine not our actions and fail to realize our Creator, the Cherisher and Sustainer of the Worlds". I referring in particular to the hardened hearts.

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