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Addiction to Smartphones

Addiction to Smartphones

People who are addicted to smartphones, in fact, live virtual lives. It’s so funny that every now and then, with their drooping heads, they keep checking their phones. The worst scenario is when you are in a social gathering, you will find less interaction, with few conversations and low attentiveness of others. Much to your sight, you can have a glimpse of people, with their eyes glued to screens—reading and texting messages or watching with ease images and videos on their mobile phones.

So unaware of real surroundings, their engrossed postures signal how devoid they are of simple etiquettes.

Ah, when you talk of addiction to phones, there’s lot to see. Every grown up member of a family cherishes to possess a smartphone, with a connectivity to net, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Skype and many more…For them, disconnection to these applications is boredom. It’s a techno-lifestyle everywhere…even kids get delighted to see mini-screens in front of them.

Fun games on the mobile phones are no learning activities for children. It’s no good at all to see kids spending much time on phones, as if phones have become their play world.

Why can’t we switch off our phones when we pray, keep it on silent mode to avoid its buzzing sound when we eat, sleep or gather with family and relatives? Away from our phones, we lose nothing; but, answering it in the middle of our other priority commitments is just a rude interruption.

When we are alone, we don’t even realize the uses of solitude. When we have nothing to do, we rarely give time to recall things or go for concrete thoughts. Instead of enjoying the silence of nothingness for a while, we fiddle with our devices, get into virtual world, and interact with others by sending and receiving text messages. There’s no worthiness to see people bowed over their phones while seated in cars, checking their phones while walking down the lanes, texting message while carelessl