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Appreciating Others for their Goodness

Appreciating Others for their Goodness

Goodness takes its own balanced pace while mischief spreads with crafty propaganda. This isn’t weird, but consider some workplaces where liberty reigns in mismanagement and recklessness. Even a person’s little flaw becomes a huge blunder in the sight of an opponent and a great deal of goodness seems nowhere. If you are too honest and shy of asking your right, then nothing worthwhile happens.

Imagine the grief of an employee who has worked, with dedication and diligence, for a manager for twelve long years and gets not a single credential that’s called either certificate of appreciation or memento of recognition. Puzzling mistreatment, isn’t that?

Oftentimes, we witness people who, with their position and authority, cherish their jobs. When someone flatters them, they get delighted. When they interact with others, they are too good. What’s the use when a person is too mannerly with the whole world, but not considerate and helpful to his own neighbor?

Poor chap…I mean that employee who didn’t make any progress in his career because ‘nothing grows under the banyan tree’. He has seen his manager bestowing favors to others, but he was ignored to a great deal. A decade and two years were sufficient for him to become a ‘star employee’, but all his genuine commitments and endeavors were sidetracked.

If one person is unsympathetic and uncaring, it doesn’t mean every person behaves the same way. Some managers are so caring that they chart opportunities for their employees to grow in their career pathways. They think sensibly, discuss frankly and decide fairly for the wellness of their teams. They keep their teams motivated, engaged and happy so that they can bring in positive results.

In corporate world, we all need some sort of legitimate encouragement and appropriate boosts. 

If significant engagement, honesty and loyalty doesn’t equate to recognition and rewards, then what’s the use of troubling toil? What it means when one works hard, practices patience for years and doesn’t get a relic of recognition, reward or valid raise in salary?

Conclusively, those who want to progress in their lives have to be bold in their expressions and speak out their situations. Nothing happens if you don’t express. That’s the fact. On the contrary, people who are skillful with their flattering talks get things done anyhow.

Speak up your mind if you are confident enough. If you are talented, then you needn’t be tricky. Be fair to say what you have been and what best you can do. Even after decades of employment, your salary graph goes not up, then what’s the use of laboring and losing precious years at one place.

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