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Are Kids Getting More Addicted to Comical Content?

Are Kids Getting More Addicted to Comical Content?

Imagine the harmful impact on our kids’ health when they become totally absorbed in watching television and spend hours staring the screens for cartoon programs that keep them excited.

Ugh…do kids understand the language spoken in those serials? Perhaps rarely, if they are pretty grownups…otherwise what amuses them are comical characters, stumbling movements, shrieking voices and entertaining expressions. Even the music makes them to jig, roll their eyeballs…and, as enjoyment reaches climax, they get glued to the couches. Oh, what an addiction, in this tender age!

Strangely, children get more amazed by glittery shows that are all colorful, gleeful and funny with jokey content and music. O, this television, the idiot-box that comes in all shapes and sizes, and then there are novel additions like countless computer games, slim laptops, smartphones, tabs. 

Now-a-days, children are so familiar with all these damaging devices that it’s easy for them to operate and kick-start their journeys for lengthy enjoyment.

If they are getting drifted with addiction, we parents are responsible culprits that allowed our kids to watch all vain, composite and comical nuisance on those glossy screens.

Oftentimes, we become inattentive when our kids snatch remote control devices or mobile phones from our hands, and they eagerly pester to have it in their custody. Sooner or later, after abrupt and messy playing with the buttons, they learn to manage those devices. O yes, some parents may deem this as an amazing development.

It’s a fact that children who begin to watch television from their tender ages and are equally addicted to little screens for computer games or fun activities encounter ailing eyes and poorer vision…and to rectify their sight, there’s no way but to get their eyes checked for numbered spectacles. In rare cases, kids’ eyesight get so damaged that the only solution is to go for heavy, soda glasses.

Now, consider what story concept a child can understand seeing the popular comical program of ‘Tom & Jerry’. I presume that nothing goes into a child’s mind, but the funny, teasing character of Jerry and then prowling, sly behavior of Tom, with sudden disappearance and capture, squirting actions and jerky scenes. 

Sometimes dangling run by Tom, sometimes squeaky mischief by Jerry…and there’s flare-up of gimmicks by both, then banging and thrashing sounds composing frivolous scenes.  Indeed, all this captivates kids’ attention.

Undoubtedly, sometimes adults take time to enjoy such types of comical shows…and then, children are after all children. But, the gravity of kids’ addiction is so much that they, sometimes, enact some of the scenes with their own curiosities. What then? 

As they get up from their beds, they rush to switch on and watch television. If they find their favorite show visible, then that’s okay, otherwise they’ll insist the elders to swap the channel for the right show.

To keep the kids off from such shows immediately will make them obstinate and violent, and any trick to pacify them so that they skip watching continuous programs will not work.

In fact, kids, with their tender ages and blooming innocence, need the true tutelage, caring love and appropriate learning environment. As we calm down infants with sweet lullabies, likewise we need to train growing kids with the right precepts and simple manners.

We parents, like social scientists, need to groom our kids by narrating short, inspiring stories and anecdotes so that they become courteous, obedient, keen for good actions and abstaining from anything that’s bad or rude. 

Perhaps, the worthwhile role of parents is that when they’re more concerned to provide their kids the right teachings for a legitimate, contented culture.


Article by: Mohammed Abdul Jawad

Mohammed A. Jawad 10/2/2017 · #4

#3 @debasish majumder Thanks for your thoughtful comments. :)

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debasish majumder 10/2/2017 · #3

nice insight @Mohammed A. Jawad! this is the strength of technology and we just having no choice apart from eclipsing ourselves by such catastrophic blow. enjoyed read. thank you for the share.

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Charles David Upchurch 29/9/2016 · #2

You came up with an answer "We parents, like social scientists, need to groom our kids by narrating short, inspiring stories and anecdotes so that they become courteous, obedient, keen for good actions and abstaining from anything that’s bad or rude."

A better answer is for parents to break their own addictions. Example is the greatest teacher.

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Josh LeBlanc-Shulman 29/9/2016 · #1

We might be underestimating children a little here, and perhaps also cartoons.

Cartoons and animated shows have a lot of good stuff in them, and address some fundamental aspects of life and relationships. I grew up on Dragonball Z, Pokemon, Ren and Stimpy, and much more. I still watch Adventure Time all the time.

Perhaps the issue isn't how much kids spend in front of TV's, but how absent the adults are in the process. There are no parents and teachers around for them to analyze and discuss what's being conveyed on the screen. Lots of opportunities for educational moments.

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