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Be Bold or Stay Behind Like Silent Spectators

Be Bold or Stay Behind Like Silent Spectators

Every flourishing company takes pride of its senior workers…some who’ve remained loyal since their early start to passing times, some who, like historians, vividly remember company’s beginning, ups and downs and pathways to prosperity and some who have wielded their energies to chisel the corporate culture with their liveliness and enthusiasm. But, of all, you’ll find few who, even after decades of service, remain detached, cling on to their work schedules in a calculated manner and they simply prefer to stay behind like silent spectators.

Oh, these quiet workers care not for employee engagement, they aren’t eager for team spirit or desire not spending time for nontoxic, cheery gossips or enjoyment.

It’s so alarming, but then such typical realities are rampant in companies where corporate culture is missing or employee communications prevails in a disorganized way.

In one different company, at a time when my career was nascent I spoke to my colleague, out of sincerity, about the unjust work atmosphere and confused happenings where I couldn’t find any responsible listener for fair solution.

You know what? My good