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Be Hale and Hearty

Be Hale and Hearty

In olden days, people, although lived with little means, but their lives were full of happiness, health and harmony. 

Now-a-days, in this little global village, there are myriad maladies and afflicting ailments. In present times, it seems like every person has become a captive of either diabetes or hyper tension.

Just google it and you’ll find shocking prevalence of global diabetes. It’s almost 463 million people, as per the 2019 estimates, who are suffering from diabetes. 

What to say about diabetes that weakens a person more than old age. It is crippling malady that ruins one’s youth. Ah, a diabetic person, as if bereft of youth. In fact, diabetes, is a silent, creeping ailment that tires human physique and makes a person old too quickly.

What a mindlessness! With all greediness and temptations, we eat all sorts of junk foods, consume carbonated soft drinks, and instead of eating fresh fruits even kids become addicted to candies laced with saccharine or drinks tempered with sugar. 

With no bridle to our appetites, we think nothing of abstinence in our eating styles. We rarely ponder upon what to eat and drink and what to avoid. It’s only when our sicknesses jolt our senses that we become too frantic and frugal in eating.

For a single disease, there’s no particular one treatment. When people become diabetic, besides taking pills and insulin shots, they try other alternatives, herbal remedies, sometimes in the form of concoctions, powders or multiple mixtures. What’s effective and what’s not. Who knows? Ugh…frankly, with too many medications, oftentimes, we make a mess of our little stomachs. 

Well, when you take no proper food, then there’re possibilities of various deficiencies that may lead to health problems. Once you are ailing, you can’t eat all that you desire. And there’s no way to abandon the routine of taking medicines. Sometimes, before or after food, one has to take pills like dry nuts. This one for diabetes, that one for hyper tension, the other ones for heartburn or blood thinning. Yet, when medications work little, people relish to gulp some sort of herbal mixtures and pills or take a sip of cocktail home remedies.

When you’re hale and hearty, you should take care of yourself. We harm our bodies when we fill our stomachs, with no space for water or air. Gluttony is of no use, but it turns one’s body obese and unhealthy. 

Body organs aren’t like vehicle spare parts. When something goes wrong, there’s no way of replacement. It’s either a recourse to respective medicines or therapies.

Strangely, some people live in phobias. Even when they fall sick, they fear to step into a clinic. On the contrary, either they rebuff their sufferings or try to treat themselves like self-styled doctors. Yes, when a disease turns life-threatening, then what’s worst is that one by one body organs becomes futile. And more than food, at a critical juncture, a person lives on medicines.

The more we become careless, the more we cause damage to our bodies. Perhaps, eating in moderation and living in contentment is also a best remedy. Even, in poverties, some people live longer. May be moderate eating or penury itself is an ailment. 

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Mohammed Abdul Jawad Feb 29, 2020 · #7

#1 Dear @Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee thanks so much for your comments and sharing this post.

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Mohammed Abdul Jawad Feb 29, 2020 · #6

#4 Thanks so much for your thought-provoking feedback. I appreciate your concern.

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Fay Vietmeier Feb 28, 2020 · #5

#1 @Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
How true my dear Professor
"malnutrition of our minds" ... another reflection that "shallowness is spreading" ~ Ali

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Fay Vietmeier Feb 27, 2020 · #4

@Mohammed Abdul Jawad
you stirred up a bees nest ;~)
(part 3)
Personal responsibility is also a “hard truth”
In too many places the message that is preached is to look for loop holes ... find fault with everything and everyone ... but avoid looking in the mirror
Lawyers are terrible “preachers”
At all costs avoid truth of personal responsibility
And the law of sowing & reaping (which LARGELY is NOT taught)

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Fay Vietmeier Feb 27, 2020 · #3

@Mohammed Abdul Jawad
(part 2)
The food chain has changed much in recent decades and what has resulted is GREED
... the explosion of fast food ... has made some people unhealthy & lazy
... simplicity of good, fresh food, especially produce was lost ... although it is coming back in some communities
... the toxic application of fertilizers that produce more food but produce diseases (cancer especially)
... the genetic modification of foods that are like nuclear war on the soil
... the disconnect for masses of people who have lost understanding of how food should be grown (the principle of for example crop rotation and resting of land so as not to deplete the soil)
... the addictive chemicals put into foods ... all those packed products on the store shelves especially junk food isle)
... the GREED of the pharmaceutical industry who does nothing but profit from the debacle ... in this Industry double-mindedness SHINES ... caveat emptor ( the adds about some drugs astonish me !!! the describing of "possible" side-effects that all but cause DEATH but oh, take our wonderful DRUG anyway
.. I could go on & on ;~) ... you have struck a chord with this "bee"Mohammed (I may just expand this comment into a post ;~)

Another "hard truth"
"God is not mocked ... as a man sows, so shall he reap"

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Fay Vietmeier Feb 27, 2020 · #2

@Mohammed Abdul Jawad
Oh Mohammed ~ you speak "hard" truths ... and here is another: people do not welcome or receive well "hard truths"
I know many people that you just described ... they are in my own family ... they are everywhere
This is a universal condition ... but in "prosperous countries" even MORE

Not only "mindlessness" ... but "double-minded"
The principle of sowing & reaping is universal ... it applies to every process in LIFE & upon the earth ... including our health
How can a person who smokes ... drinks too much, overeats ... including every form of junk food NOT think that their health and in turn their well-being will NOT suffer ... utter delusion & often self-deception

I grew up on a small farm ... worked in the gardens and am very grateful for the understanding of how fresh food is grown
How blessed that my parents worked so hard to feed 6 children ... and we worked too
(at the time I did not understand the benefit that would bring later in life ;~)
We lived simply ... corn on the cob & freshly made french fries were a delight ;~)
The earth was not crowded with McDonald's or other alluring fast food eateries
There were not "programs" (I'm referring to the USA) to help the poor as there are today (at times actually "helping" but creating another form of generational "slavery" which is not truly helping ... I'm talking about the principle of teaching a man to fish instead of just giving fish
...MANY complexities...

(part 1)

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