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Be Truthful, With A Sense of Humor

Be Truthful, With A Sense of Humor

It’s easier for a person, with a lively heart, to put on a pleasant smile. Life, though temporal, should be composed of truthfulness, simplicity and liveliness. Without these ingredients, a person’s heart and soul is all dead.

Okay, to be truthful, truth demands seriousness. But, a person needn’t be gloomy to profess simple or undeniable truths. We all are human beings, with diverse tendencies. If we become too rigid, without grace or humility, we will become harsh, and people will break away from us.

To bear a cheerful countenance and have a sense of humor is no harm. It’s good idea when a person, in a lighter vein, adds some humor to his talks and gives an impression, out of frankness, to inspire someone through sensible precepts or wads of wits.

For the sake of balanced living, some even forget to tincture their faces with a smile. Like persons of principles, they carry no chemistry in their expressions. Every utterance is like a decree, and when it is ignored, they carry frontiers on their foreheads, raised eyebrows and incensed complexion.

Remember that any sarcastic remark does not work to inspire or motivate others. When a little flattery can fascinate some, then truly a simple smile can do marvels. For sure, a cheerful conversation, soaked in truth and tranquility, can enliven onlookers. 

Be truthful, be polite, and converse with a hint of humor and fairness and see how amazing things happen. Verily, you can genuinely influence others.

Something’s weird when people behave with a typical haste. If it’s a moment delay, they become annoyed. When things get done as required, they don’t even exhibit a thankful attitude. People who constrain their approaches either speak less or instruct sternly, without a single glimmer on their faces. And those who encounter them remain afraid and panicky.

Bringing in cheerfulness to make enjoyable atmosphere is something uniquely special. With a little smile, we can win respect from others. 

We, humans, become humane when we harbor humility because that’s the manifest exposure of good character, and with a sense of healthy humor, we can make others happy. But, making fun of others, with loud laughter, is totally illegitimate. Moreover, excessive laughing deadens one’s heart.

We, humans cannot live in isolation, and we cannot prosper in conflicting situations. Either we live with unbiased behaviors or practice silence for harmony. Without these, we’ll become controversial, quarrelsome and spoil relations.

With a destructive character, one cannot be a good person. It’s only with good character, one can be a righteous and inspiring person. Indeed, nothing’s best like an excellent character. With good traits, erupting from good mannerism, one can be persevering, bold, frank and inspirational.

Obviously, when we are truthful, we possess analytical capabilities. When we have excellent character, we succeed in communicating to others and build unbreakable relationships. When we are trustworthy and honest, we excel in our affairs. When we are conscious, it means we are totally aware. When we are happy, it signals our content hearts. When we are grateful, it shows our thoughtful simplicity. When we opt for ways that makes us happier, then that’s our good decisiveness, and when we are caring, free from ego and help someone out, then that’s our humane trait.


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Couldn't agree more! Follow the Golden Rule, but don't forget this ;) !

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