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For Steadfastness, Solace and Success

For Steadfastness, Solace and Success

Ah, the expansive earth, with its colossal treasures, rich vegetation, bulwarked huge mountains, measureless seas and oceans and enormous natural resources. Lo! How well wide skies, without any support stand firm, with its hues. For sure, this all speaks that there’s the Almighty Lord, the Creator of the vast Universe.
And there’s splendid scattered beauty in the heavens where countless stars, like arranged lamps, and celestial bodies, as natural signs in the Lord’s empire, move orderly on distinct paths.

Ugh…then, how humans, with trivial powers and restricted age become haughty to rule nations and mess up affairs?

What if this world is all divided into territories and governed by diverse rulers, but it’s a part of the Almighty Lord’s established Dominion.
The enormity and the splendor of the Creation depicts that there’s the Almighty Lord of the humanity Who runs massive affairs with perfection and wisdom, and He is the Ever Living, the One Who sustains and protects all that exists in the heavens and the earth.

Whereof we, human beings become disobedient, arrogant and forgetful of the Almighty Lord? How can we deny His bounties, blessings and rewards and traverse on misguided paths out of transgression? Away from Him, we only become victims of deviant devils.

What if the fiery Sun, like a glowing lamp, moves away far or comes closer? What if the glittering moon and stars get enveloped with total darkness? Nothing can alter the consequences to normality except the Command of the Almighty Lord, the Creator of all things. Shouldn’t we provoke our conscience, repent sincerely and worship the Almighty Lord to gain His Pleasure?

Verily, we ought to remember the Almighty Lord in all circumstances. When we are happy and prosperous, we should be thankful to Him. When we are touched with failures or calamity, then too we ought to remember Him and be patient. That’s, indeed, sensible for a believing person.

Indeed, with upright faith, our lives become significant and with more righteous deeds there will be more blessings. Double jubilation, isn’t that?

And, when our hearts get connected to the Almighty Lord by due prescribed praises, rightful remembrance and worthwhile worship, we find steadfastness, solace and success in our lives.

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Mohammed A. Jawad 13/3/2018 · #2

#1 @Harvey Lloyd Thanks, once again, for your pensive reflections.

To profess something that’s good and has capacity to influence others is no harm. Well, if the world goes at the helm of good, influential and just leaders, then we can witness just, harmonious rule and rise of moral economy and progress of nations.

Perhaps, more than the profusion of wealth, we need the stretch of explicit wisdom that can unfold human maladies and bring forth logical and legitimate solutions. Little or more, when we counsel each other with all goodness, then it’s simple virtue that can influence others. And the rest, we should put our fair faith in the Almighty Lord of the worlds.

Verily, ‘the road to honor is not only virtuous but treacherous (with lurking foes and devils)’. Indeed, in such circumstances, we best need the succor of our Creator to survive this journey.

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Harvey Lloyd 13/3/2018 · #1

Your Message is true. I would, we are going through a period whereby we declare moral godlike status. Government, media and social groups are all professing that we can regulate ourselves and create moral value.

Our history is littered with this style of development. Many lives have been forfeited in pursuit of this utopia. The interesting discussion is that when we get to the individual we find that the professor's of morality know its not possible to govern morality. Somehow, when we group people together the collective consciousness seems to think we can.

Do not despair as humans are a resilient bunch. The largest question is how are those who "know" influencing their environment around them. Not through condemnation but rather through Socratic discussion that allows others to carry their ideals to conclusion.

Most importantly is to encourage others to think freely and remind them that they are also responsible for their consequences of free thinking. When we choose a path it has consequences. These must be born by the chooser not the society that they live.

The road to honer is not only virtuous but treacherous. We need the courage of our Creator to survive this journey.

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