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FREE BOOK PROMOTION: 'Precepts for Passionate People'

FREE BOOK PROMOTION: 'Precepts for Passionate People'

FREE BOOK PROMOTION FROM 23 November 2020 until 27 November 2020

'PRECEPTS FOR PASSIONATE PEOPLE' - A book of 125 straightforward stories and practical advice


Mohammed Abdul Jawad has come up with his sixth book ‘Precepts for Passionate People’ because good precepts work well for those who are passionate.

Presumably, we can say, anybody, with a living heart and cheerfulness, is a passionate person. After all, credible precepts  provoke our sense of responsibility and inspire us to live a life that’s worth living.

In fact, an inspiring story can create motivation and strengthen one’s attitude. A good parable, a striking precept and a worthwhile encouragement can do great wonders.

By the way, nothing comes so easy. But, with patience, adherence to right guidance and hard work result good outcomes. That’s the primary accomplishment. Work on it more and more, and definitely you will achieve success in life.

EBook 'Precepts for Passionate People' is available FREE at the following links:


Mohammed Abdul Jawad is a writer, blogger and poet. He is already a published author of ‘Work, Workplace and Winning Ways’—an inspirational book for every employee and three poetry books ‘The Chronicles of Times’, ‘Glimpses of Thoughts’ and ‘Veils of Darkness’—which are collection of neo-classical poems, in a style quite reminiscent to Elizabethan dialect. All these four books are published on Rakuten Kobo as well on AMAZON.

He has authored a self-help book titled ‘Pensive Insights’ which is a collection of random reflections for improving human lives and this is available on AMAZON (in eBook as well as paperback formats).

Reading through his writings one wishes that one knew more about the author than he is a non-academic who made a humble beginning earning his living as a retail salesman, and currently cherishes his successful career working in a pharmaceutical company in Saudi Arabia. Besides this, he is a beBee brand ambassador for beBee Affinity Social Network S.L., which is a successful personal branding platform. On this platform, he regularly posts his short, straightforward articles that make us look at our own world from a different perspective.

Born in Secunderabad, India, he is an old student of St. Patrick's High School, Secunderabad, India. It was during his schooling period that he developed an inclination for writing. He is a lively and enthusiastic individual who applies vision to helping people and get along with the work by being aware of people's aspirations. Very often, he is persevering and appreciative of others, and seeking involvement with them in life's tasks.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Mohammed Abdul Jawad is a writer, blogger and poet. 

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