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FREE WEBINAR - Transforming Traceability

FREE WEBINAR - Transforming Traceability

When: Wednesday  | February 24, 2021

Time: 11AM (EST) 

Topic: "Transforming Traceability: How Global Biotech Industry Leader Optimized Risk-Based Validation"


IVT Network is pleased to announce this FREE and exclusive case-study launch and webinar in partnership with Kneat Solutions.  

Recounting the experiences of a world-leader in biotechnology, this case study documents a global project, aimed at transforming the efficiency of risk-focused Commissioning and Qualification (C & Q) for operations and capital expenditure projects worldwide.

Understand how this biotechnology leader, with a global facility network and over 45,000 employees, optimized the productivity of its benchmark ISPE Baseline Guide 5 (Second Edition) risk-based processes, using Kneat Gx e-validation software and it’s ground-breaking automated traceability functionality.

Using e-validation for C&Q and traceability, the Biotech achieved:

✓ URS Approval Cycle reduction from 60 days to just 7 days (88%)
✓ 53% reduction in SAT Execution time, 33% reduction in SAT Acceptance testing time
✓ “Less clicks to setup and use traceability than competitor”

Join the project’s leader, e-validation expert and validation veteran Jeremiah Quirke as he retraces the project from concept to results - covering vendor selection, process mapping, project management and deployment, to global adoption and rollout.

In this exclusive Case-Study Webinar, attendees will learn about:

  • Using e-validation software to ‘lean-out’ validation work processes
  • Creating protocols efficiently, link risk-assessments to testing, automate RTM, reporting of test execution and deviations
  • Effective Change Management
  • Leveraging test case templates
  • Inline test execution
  • Deviation Management

Takeaway Tools and Handouts

  • Full “Transforming Traceability” case study download (plus seven other great e-validation case studies, and CQV whitepapers)
  • Demonstration of Automated RTM
  • Full presentation materials


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