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From Rags to Riches

From Rags to Riches

Indeed, sometimes we come across stories of people who, from rags to riches, earn great fortune and rank like wealthy few in this passing, temporal world. Let the world flare any remarkable reason or human efforts to point their wealth, but without countless favors from the Lord of the humanity, none becomes richer or attains recognition.

It’s worthwhile when someone, legal heir to a handsome fortune, gains whopping wealth or one who becomes successful and earns riches by legitimate means. For them, it’s all celestial favors, and when they spend rightly in charities for deprived and downtrodden masses, then that’s like double blessings.

But, woe unto those culprits, who amass wealth through unlawful ways and fill their depositories! Tied up to their twisted temptations and sinful self-indulgence, they desire fleeting luxuries and drive their lives to the fashion of the world.

Ugh…and greed is such a wicked passion that even if a selfish person gets a mountain of wealth, there would be a lingering desire for a second one.

On the contrary, they become forgetful of the Almighty Lord, take no time for true repentance, and they become associates of devils and live in frivolous liberties until they reach their destined death.

Engulfed in greed, miscreants who accumulate wealth, misuse power in wrong ways and deem poor people as puppets harbor vain and puffed-up humanitarian efforts for worldly pomp.

For them, little spending towards human misery is just an opportunity for some worldly profits, popularity or pastime.

Perhaps, in this wrinkled world, we human beings, with restricted age, make arrogant assumptions, and sometimes deem that massive surplus of wealth is prosperity. But, we often