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Kicking Off Obesity

Kicking Off Obesity

Perhaps, like any other traits or looks, obesity has become a part of human life. Oftentimes, when people become obese, they, in the least sense, are bothered and embrace obesity without any strict control on food and reckless lifestyle.

“I have been trying to reduce my weight since last 10 years,” said one person, who now and then puts conscious efforts at fighting obesity.

“Unfortunately, nothing considerable has happened so far”, he said sadly, as if he has lost the battle, after heavy preparations. Here, I guess, may be the person has to change the foods he eats, and may be because of a faulty metabolism that’s keeping obesity to perpetuate…and then, any sort of stress that comes by any means also aggravates weight gain.

Well, when we grab, out of hunger, anything that’s delicious, spicy, sugary or tempting…then, we totally become unmindful about our own consumption of carbohydrates, high-sugar or high-fat junk foods.

Ugh…you can’t slim down your protruding tummy and chisel thigh fats by practicing strict exercises once-in-a-blue moon. You have to be regular in implementing strategies to lose weight and abstain from those foods that intensify weight increase.

You know what? A millionaire’s wife planned, one day, of enrolling herself for weight loss program at a nearby fitness club. But her weight was descending at a snail's pace. Inspired by wife’s aspirations, the millionaire worked out what investment goes into opening a ‘ladies only’ fitness center so that wife can continue her regimen happily.

With full-blown planning and arrangements, he opened a fitness center, and soon it became so popular that both wife and husband thought of increasing more centers to see swelling profits…thus, in a span of three years, the millionaire now owns four gymnasiums for ladies, but unfortunately, his wife has failed in reducing her weight. Yet, both are in high spirits with their freaky lifestyles and growing businesses. Isn’t that amazing?

When we think of reducing weight, we chart out our own food plan and everything looks disordered…with skimpy food, simple salads and eating miserly to starve ourselves, and we proudly exclaim "O, I am on dieting!"

Obviously, while kicking off obesity, it’s essential that you take balanced, healthy food that keeps you energetic. To become thin speedily, it doesn’t mean that you starve yourself, with strict diet, and turn frail.

In fact, when you think of doing exercises at home or joining gymnasium, it’s also preferred that you consult a licensed dietician who can best advice categories of food for breakfast, lunch and dinner…and anything, in between, such as refreshing juices and healthy snacks.

So, the right recipe for weight loss is to have the right type of food besides safe exercises in accordance to age. 

And then, with wobbly bones, it doesn’t make sense if you wish to jog, instead of brisk walking. Applying easy tips and quick hints for weight loss, by sidelining age, will leave your body in a mess, with undesired pains.

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Mohammed A. Jawad 7/10/2016 · #16

#14 @David Lisle Thanks for your comments that come as a wise counsel. Greed to fill our bellies just for the sake of appealing taste is truly harmful. It's high time that we cultivate good, healthy eating habits. ..that too in moderation. There's a dictum that says 'When our stomachs are full, our souls become bodies and when we eat moderately our bodies become souls'. Perhaps, we are turning so greedy, with appetizing food, that we are bereft of simple sensibilities.

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David Lisle 7/10/2016 · #15

I need to correct any misunderstandings before they occur. I am not advising becoming religious if one is not already in that place. Rather I am advising that most of the problems around this 'weighty' issue have been dealt with by belief systems and are therefore worth a visit for this aspect of life.

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David Lisle 7/10/2016 · #14

An interesting perspective Mohammed, in much of the world obesity is a result of plenty. Curious that we should fail our health when we have plenty. But then getting good perspective on almost anything humans do is quite difficult and often times we appear, even to ourselves, as living an absurd life. Obesity is a result of improper eating habits often driven by trying to adapt our bodies to the current life styles prevalent in the world. I have personally had to deal with massive weight gain and eventually subsequent weight loss to a more healthful size. The biggest problem with obesity is the costs to our overall health. Heart problems and an inability to actually use all that stored energy with consequent problems with our kidneys and livers. One of the most prominent features of my own weight loss was the awareness I needed to get about what is passed off as food. Much of what is marketed in glitzy packaging and fast food is just garbage, no real nutritional value, excessive amounts of wheat products and sugars, and chemicals that are not food at all!

Corporate food manufacturers do not care, they are simply following the mantra of making a profit and the phrase, "there is a sucker born every minute," qualifies their efforts as there are truly 'suckers' out there. Education should include healthy eating and to remind us of this any brief encounter with religious beliefs will surely also reveal admonitions to eat proper foods and the right kinds of foods. There is wisdom in ancient models, more so than medical intervention to relieve obesity.

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Mohammed A. Jawad 6/10/2016 · #13

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Mohammed A. Jawad 6/10/2016 · #12

#9 @David Grinberg Thanks so much for your appreciation and comments. Obesity, at all age levels, has become a global problem. As a quick initiative, I presume that we all need to realize for conscious, healthy living.

Mohammed A. Jawad 6/10/2016 · #11

#7 @Pascal Derrien Indeed, the repercussions of child obesity are serious all over the world. Perhaps, good food, healthy lifestyle and regular exercises are few best solutions.

Richard Buse 6/10/2016 · #10

Thanks for sharing this. As adults, we have the knowledge needed to make good choices, but I think we really need to consider how the ways we live affect our children’s current health and their futures.

I was fortunate to grow up in a crowded, older urban area that was built out in the late 1800s and early 1900s, before automobiles became the predominant way of getting around. Everything one needed for everyday living was within walking distance, including grade schools, a junior high and a high school.

I was fortunate as well to be raised by working class parents who abhorred taking on any debt beyond the house mortgage. We always had a small vegetable garden and visits to a McDonald’s or other fast food restaurant were regarded as rare and expensive treats.

Regular exercise and better food choices resulted from all of that.

It may be difficult, but we need to work on making healthier lifestyles more routine for our children.

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David B. Grinberg 6/10/2016 · #9

Nice buzz, Mohammed. In the USA, we have an obesity epidemic which includes children. I know losing weight is difficult, but Americans need to be more conscious about healthy eating choices and avoiding too much "fast food" (like McDonald's, for example). Healthy living is a choice, not a given. Buzz on, my friend!

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