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Let's Live Cheery Lives

Let's Live Cheery Lives

Aha…human life comes in various shapes and semblance. All it matters is how one perceives it. Either you take it according to your fantasies and notions or live broadly with all prudence and wisdom to make your life more beauteous.

Verily, one becomes lethargic with more leaning for liberal hours, idleness and simply defying tasks out of misconceptions. What’s the use of laziness? Perhaps, seeing the slothful stance of a lazy person even the devil will give a good chuckle.

When laziness gets laced to a person’s life, then every flickering thing goes foggy and every prized opportunity becomes an impediment. Ugh… no better inspiration can infuse liveliness or moral parables can shower energies in a lazy person if, at all, heart and mind of a person are unprepared to take up any instant initiative, reasonable recommendations or follow upright decisions.

Imagine idle employees, in a corporate culture, who are sheer meddlers besides slowing work affairs to extreme delays. Instead of giving urgency to work, they pilfer precious moments for the sake of vain gossips or leisurely loitering.

Whereof manliness of a person when his lethargy makes him a ‘hen-pecked husband’? Oftentimes, we come across sullen stories where idle husbands relish seeing their wives working and have a portion in their salaries. Well, when a wife says anything worth to be taken as a lesson, then she’s simply labeled as disobedient, and she has to tolerate all the torment silently.

Alas! What a wretchedness of a poor, modest husband when he finds his darling wife too lazy for anything. When a wife becomes relaxed in every manner, as if any little burden bruising her beauty, then life becomes full of hardships, if there are no valid means or it becomes vainly lavish, with unbridled extravagance.

Yes, doing right things at the right time is the mark of wisdom. But, doing nothing and simply wasting time is totally foolishness. Sometimes, how unmindful we become by missing things of priorities and engaging ourselves in nothingness or turning ourselves ‘couch-potatoes’ in front of time-consuming soap operas on television?

Verily, when an organization thrives on a culture of vibrant team spirit and shuns laziness, then there’s growth; when an individual becomes active and frugal, then there’s all success, and finally, when a home is devoid of idleness, there’s blossoming happiness.

So, let’s be mindful about ourselves and become motivated to live cheery, comfortable lives without any regrets or merely blaming others for trivial reasons.

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Article by: Mohammed Abdul Jawad

Mohammed A. Jawad 5/10/2016 · #4

#3 Great pensive points Mr. Harvey. Thanks for your appreciation and comments.

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Harvey Lloyd 5/10/2016 · #3

Great post. Laziness comes in many forms physical, mental and financial to name a few. I find the new forms of laziness very sophisticated. Your art of the relaxed gentlemen at the TV is one version.

Laziness is a battle with action. In the past we saw folks just lazy and didn't want to perform any physical or mental act that would cause them stress. Today laziness has become personal satisfaction vs creation/action. We can acquire personal gratification through so many channels that we need not step out and challenge ourselves. The same can also hinder the team by aligning any goal with our personal gratification needs.

In defense of laziness (somewhat) I believe the challenges of today have become quite intense. The days of pioneering are not looking so bad for many as they look out across the career landscape. Still no excuse but we have to admit the career minded beginner certainly sees a landscape far different than their parents.

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Lisa 🐝 Gallagher 5/10/2016 · #2

Well said @Mohammed A. Jawad, blaming others sure doesn't solve our own problems.

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Pascal Derrien 5/10/2016 · #1

Agree not always easy for procrastinators ☺

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