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Migration for Livelihoods

Migration for Livelihoods

Ah, what if the whole globe becomes a nation and every person becomes a world citizen. But, every country has its own borders, set of protocols, rules and restrictions.

Perhaps, it’s because for the sake of livelihoods, people move around, travel afar places and settle down, or work and live as expatriates in alien countries and many leave their native lands on genuine immigration. And then, there remains untold tales of those who had fled their countries and risked their lives by traversing unsafe journeys and crossing borders as illegal migrants.

Oftentimes, jobseekers are smart enough—they simply intend to travel, as tourists, to the country of their dreams. Once they reach, they escape the law and hunt out for appropriate jobs. If nothing works, they make up their minds to do menial jobs for plausible wages. At the end, they are all undocumented workers, and for them to become lawful citizens is a lengthy, not so easy process.

In some European countries, as commonly rumoured, if you overstay continuously for more than four years, there are chances of getting citizenship of that country. Sounds good...well, many illegal migrants, from different countries, after considerable stay have become Germans, Hollanders, Italians or Swedish citizens.

On the other hand, finding options for immigrating to different countries, on a permanent basis, is always a puzzling process. Some, by their efforts, skills, earnings and backgrounds, accomplish their dreams and prosper, and some face sheer rejection on poor ratings.

When getting work visas becomes tougher, people try diabolic ways to travel abroad as tourists and only to become as undocumented, illegal workers. It’s harsh upon them when violations get noticed. The outcome: it’s either penalty or imprisonme