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Politics, Conspiracies and Pathological Liars

Politics, Conspiracies and Pathological Liars

Alas!  How goes this world so heavily burdened and every moment it discloses her chronicles, with the sketches and summaries of evil and the themes and text of greater spoil.

Collapse of currencies, rising repression, towering turmoil, spiraling scams, mounting mayhem, alarming anarchy…there’s panic of poverty and human hardships everywhere. Everything stands in disgrace!

The world news overwhelms us. There is catastrophe everywhere. If this world is taken as one single nation, then we as the citizens are just crippled and left to face humanity’s doom.

With dirty, tangled politics, governments are in chaos and confusion. There’s human misery everywhere. Unjust powers, brutality and treachery are rampant.

Strangely, world leaders talk of wiping out poverty, human welfare, enhancing benefits, child care and much more in their speeches.  And when they gain power, they forget everything and follow nasty plans with their own deviations.

Well, that’s the norm in vile politics: Make interesting pledges, and then overlook everything when you are in power! Aren’t they pathological liars?

Even high profile intellectuals, who by the uses of faith and reason can judge betwixt murky injustice and clear truth, become helpless, and some by duties, can do nothing but nod their heads, like wagging their tied up obedience, towards corrupt politicians. Ugh…what an idiocy!

Imagine what happens when corrupt politicians in power and greedy corporate entrepreneurs bolster their ties. Ah…both will suck a nation, either openly or with their clandestine efforts. Even they’ll not feel ashamed to sell off their nation and its interests for the sake of amassing huge wealth in alien lands. Who’ll suffer in helplessness or die in distress? Of course, it’s a common citizen.

Just an analysis: Whereof men of wisdom, grace, mercy and all virtues gone? Strange, isn’t it? Why no able leaders, by the strength of truth and justice, are willing to run truthful affairs, establish harmony for enhancing economies and progressive developments, and compassionate to make common people cheery.

Plainly, the truth is that when politicians misrule and twirl systems to their unjust means, propel hidden favoritism and lavish spending, and make a transition of national treasury to undisclosed accounts, then verily there’s downfall of a nation…and all the human euphoria turns into a voluminous catastrophe.

What a fate of that nation where the helm is in the hands of culprit politicians and notorious corporate businessmen! One will topple the other, and the rest becomes a disgusting story. Even the media becomes a weird puppet, either giving wrong and half information or skipping the whole stories.

Ugh…politicians become great players, gaming with their own gimmicks and mincing words, with little rhetoric, to soothe common people. Some politicians are artists, with their skilful representation of lies, and by facial expressions they pretend to be truthful. Explicitly, it’s hogwash of their fabricated speeches!

Whereof poor and middle-class people can rally protests and mass demonstrations when they’re struck with destitution and oppression?

In a nutshell, perhaps, the big question is: Who will make a righteous intervention to rectify a country’s political and economical upheaval and give shimmering hope for a national consensus?

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Nick Mlatchkov 21/11/2016 · #11

And with Turkey changing its course to the east together with China & Russia, there's a chance for the EU to consolidate & abandon Globalization as well ...

Nick Mlatchkov 21/11/2016 · #10

#8 With Trump at the top globalization's over!

Nick Mlatchkov 21/11/2016 · #9

#4 The answer is the silent majority becoming active!
it'll never happen.

Harvey Lloyd 21/11/2016 · #8

The outcome of folks wanting a better life through government is at the heart of this truth. Centralizing finance and distribution of money will always be corrupt. All politicians start with good intentions, but the system is too large, success comes at a price. A piece of your soul is given to achieve the smallest goal. Given years of each cycle giving up a part of the soul, the government becomes the stumbling block of the people.

But the dependencies exist. Education, infrastructure and order all depend on government.

This relationship of people and government always evolves in this direction. Rome, Persians and Aztec all started with a collective mentality and ended in a disenfranchised populace. This history shows us we are at a crossroads. We will either implode from within and reset or take the next step towards a society that is not based on wealth and fame.

Your truth speaks strongly as to where we are, @Mohammed A. Jawad. The question for the masses of the world is where will it go. For me, governments can't help the community. They can provide opportunities through infrastructure for a community to grow and thrive. In the end, the local community should have self-guidance in most areas. This flies in the face of globalization, however, the health of the community is at question, not profits or consumerism.

The next hundred years will tell the tale. Globalization that spiraled into darkness or communities taking care of their own.

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Mohammed A. Jawad 20/11/2016 · #7

#3 @Franci Eugenia Hoffman I am happy to know that my post ranks simply true as truth. Thanks.

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Mohammed A. Jawad 20/11/2016 · #6

#2 Yes Kevin, we humans (common people) resemble herds of sheep, with innocent, bewilderment and helplessness. For us, celestial Grace is oftentimes timely succor!

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Mohammed A. Jawad 20/11/2016 · #5

#1 @Pamela L. Williams Thanks so much. Your endorsement with a single word carries more gravity!

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Kevin Baker 20/11/2016 · #4

Awesome article. I could not agree more that it is doom to perceive this world as one Nation. Our politics of society are the snake that eats itself. The answer is the silent majority becoming active

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