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Shopping Frenzy Before Ramadan

Shopping Frenzy Before Ramadan

As Ramadan approaches, there is a lot of excitement, preparation, calm reflections, and needless to say, an abundance of pre-Ramadan shopping. 

Everywhere - at shopping malls, department stores and supermarkets - one can find special offers and attractive promos for Ramadan. Special commodities are publicized with discounted prices, and colorful signboards and flashing lights are seen everywhere so that consumers can engage in a shopping frenzy before Ramadan.

Before Ramadan arrives with its fasts and blessings, every household makes advanced preparation by compiling lists of groceries and ingredients for a variety of eatables and drinks, so that although we are fasting, we notice that family consumption increases.

Unlike other months, the budget in Ramadan increases. You need to have a big purse and wallet for Ramadan preparations. With more than faith in focus, we collect our cooking supplies in advance, so that on each day of Ramadan, we have sumptuous pre-dawn meals along with dates, ripe fruits and other delicious food items at the time of breaking the fast. Isn't this gluttony?

Amazingly, before Ramadan begins, we see abundantly people becoming more moody for shopping, desirous for tasty dishes and planning well to welcome the month of Ramadan. There’s more buying, more spending…in fact, when Ramadan nears, everyone’s spirit sparks up in order to fast the month sumptuously, be hospitable during the month and have a refreshing atmosphere.

Is it important how much you spend on the consumption of food and beverages? Not really. It is better to ask yourself how well you are going to spend Ramadan in terms of austerity, devotion, repentance and supplications. A lifestyle that’s so austerely adopted in Ramadan should be practiced throughout the year. That's the prime lesson of Ramadan.

What you need most during Ramadan is abstinence and simplicity, and not expensive late night shopping sprees, which only result in you losing the precious days and nights of Ramadan. You cannot at the same time be both a fasting person practicing abstinence and a busy consumer engaged in the seasonal shopping rush.

So, it's time to think about how to control our earthly desires, to eat moderately, and to reap the immense rewards of Ramadan from dawn to dusk with extra hours for worship at night. Let's aspire to sincere devotion during the month of mercy and not be carried away with an obsession for shopping.