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Spilling Hypocrisy for Unfair Authority

Spilling Hypocrisy for Unfair Authority

When a greedy person reaches to high position and gains access to authority, he becomes even more ardent to remain in that position for a longer period. Such a typical person would outwardly behave in placid manners, but inwardly prepares a deadly mishmash of distorted feelings and disgusting jealousy.

Life’s stretch, in this world, is sheer temporal, and we, human beings often become insensible with little worldly gains and partial powers.

In every company, undoubtedly, one would find good, bad and ugly managers. Aha…good managers are angels, and of course, their subordinates would feel fortunate enough to work under them. Managers, who are explicitly harsh by their attitudes and temper, can be categorized as bad.

But, ugly managers are those who put on showy smiles on their faces and harbor evil feelings in their hearts, are adept to alter black into white, take pleasure with their tincturing insults on others, and remain diabolic by their intentions and actions. And they rightly deserve this tainted label.

One accountant, who now holds high position with a handsome pay recalls the only reason why he left his previous job was unnecessary verbal torture and divisive politics from his manager, who by looks resembles a modest gentleman, but with all his concealed crookedness is a shrewd troublemaker.

“I have hired you, and if I wish I can remove you from the job, and bring someone else”, the manager spewed such ugly threat, in front of that accountant one day.

Oftentimes, hard toil becomes tolerable for anyone, but rude remarks of someone give unbearable pain to one’s heart. Imagine the brutality of bitter words that triggers twitching tension in a person’s mind.

How some managers, like lords of their own departments, become disruptive and continue cooking little truths by mingling fallacies? 

Perhaps, they take pleasure by fiddling others’ feelings, and like chess players keep shuffling and discarding their subordinates and amuse themselves with their nasty politics.

To this day, that manager is known for his past record of nefarious activities…Ugh…those who were oppressed under him were brutally bruised. Oh, not physically, but mentally!

The torment of sarcastic statements pierced their hearts, and for them there were only two options: either to become ‘deaf-and-dumb’ and silently bear all the troubles or to make a bold exit from that ‘department like dungeon’ and find some good company where they can relish their hassles-free jobs.

In fact, working under him for anyone is too difficult because one has to be submissive unto him, nodding to his entire nuisance and obeying blindly to his strict orders. For him, his department is his little dominion, and his own people are his closer subordinates, and those who are not he keeps fidgeting them.

Well, as of now, he has grown too old to flip pages and check details of corporate accounts…but, he has still stamina and spirit to jiggle and spoil others’ work and truthfulness, and he has lingering passion to be at the helm by any means. Hypocrisy? Of course, it is.

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Article by: Mohammed Abdul Jawad

Neil Smith 3/10/2016 · #25

This is a very familiar situation to myself and many others. A remarkably large number of people confuse the bestowal of extra responsibility with the bestowal of unlimited power over their colleagues. These poor managers tend to spend a lot of their time building and defending little personal empires within the business which actually work against any business's best interests. The harm these little tin pot dictators do is incalculable. As has been mentioned earlier I also can't understand how so many of these folks hang on in organisations for so long. They always seem to be the last person to be shown the door.

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Charles David Upchurch 3/10/2016 · #24

Of course it is not, but this COULD be seen as an insult to actual chess players, most of whom would prefer to manage nothing but their own games.

Is that perhaps a glimmer into the bad manager's motivations? Rather than hypocritical, is he (or she) perhaps desperate to prove that he can handle a job he does not really want?

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Pamela 🐝 Williams 2/10/2016 · #23

#4 Thanks for the tag @Donna-Luisa Eversley. Yes, this is a subject I have more experience than I care to remember.

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Pamela 🐝 Williams 2/10/2016 · #22

I have to add here that it is not always just Managers who are brutal. However, it is the lack of proper management that allows colleagues to manipulate, lie, coerce their fellow staff members. I've seen many managers turn a blind eye, come up with excuses for other's behavior, even blame it on the person being abused by insinuating they 'caused' the abuse. This is a weak, weak manager, or who uses others to do their dirty work. I've seem them all, worked for some of them. There is no resolution except to move on. They will eventually fail but that does nothing for those who are wounded by the abuse.
Thank you for discussing an important topic Mohammed. The work environment is no place for inhumanity to raise its ugly head.

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Mohammed A. Jawad 30/9/2016 · #21

#19 @David Lisle Sorry to hear that you had bad experience in the past while working under your ex-manager who, instead of managing affairs efficiently, manipulated things by his nasty brain's workings.

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Mohammed A. Jawad 30/9/2016 · #20

#18 @Lada Prkic Thanks for your thoughtful feedback. Indeed, as long as we value simple courtesies and treat others as we deserve ourselves to be treated, we are worth to be in the rank of human beings. With all the ugly traits, it clearly means there's flaw in one's heart and mind.

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David Lisle 30/9/2016 · #19

The kind of manager that does those things is not a manager, they are manipulators. I have experienced this kind of manager. He was new to my company after twelve years of good service he did everything to discredit me. He couldn't because my work was impeccable. So he invented work for me to do and then demanded I perform it in a single day and provide documentation the same day. An impossible task. I walked out and never went back as it was the final straw. He himself was the one that was incapable, I believe it is called the Peter principle where a person is promoted, or gains employment, at a level they are incompetent to perform. Such was the case with this person. After chasing out all the competent persons and surrounding himself with yes-men and women he and his incompetent cohorts were eventually let go. But the damage he did to human dignity was incalculable.

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Lada 🏡 Prkic 30/9/2016 · #18

I've met all these types of managers: good, bad and ugly. Fortunately, I've only worked with good managers, and a very short time with one or two who had been considered as a bad manager. My friends told me many horror stories about their experience with these inhumane bosses. Now, I am also a manager and hope my colleagues still like me. 😌
@Mohammed A. Jawad, your post reminded me once again of the importance of establishing mutual respect between employees and managers.

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