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Stop Wasting Water

Stop Wasting Water

Perhaps, when we begin to value the worth of precious bounties, we definitely become frugal in every manner.

Oftentimes, out of old habits, we intend to do something and while doing we become unmindful and make liberal lapses. Imagine standing sleepily in front of the mirror, tap water flowing down for nothing, and a person getting lost in thoughts and brushing his teeth lazily.

When cleansing our hands or faces, it is better that we regulate taps according to required usage and quit squandering water. Sometimes, we waste gallons of water when we take long showers, pointlessly leave tap water streaming down in the kitchen or recklessly water plants. Imagine when a water geezer is on and we take a shorter shower, and in doing so, we save both water and energy consumption.
Some people are too stingy at homes, and at the workplaces, they are more heedless. It’s just waste of water when we see people, at the wash basins, gossiping with others without closing the water taps. It looks as if they carry ‘who cares’ attitude.

Why a simple sticker that reads on a wall, ‘Save water, save life’ makes no influence on us?

It’s not that the sticker is unreadable or invisible, but it’s our irresponsible and careless attitude that makes us to misuse water.

Shouldn’t we grab insights from stories and pictures that show pathetic drought-stricken areas where people suffer at large? In some cases, to soak parched lips, even children sip from muddy waters and women and men walk long distances to fetch few gallons of water. What a daily shower means to them when they are left with scanty water for drinking and cooking?

It’s high time that everyone realizes how their homes can use less water. Because wasting water only leads to water shortage and at the end it’s like draining down one’s own money. Simply we can say that when we waste water, we all become squanderers, and that’s like sinning.

Let’s give worth to water, which is a precious bounty and let’s create awareness that in saving water we can save lives.

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Unfortunately, many take our water supply for granted. I agree that one day water more than oil will control the world economy. Excellent and timely post @Mohammed A. Jawad.

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Mohammed A. Jawad 30/4/2018 · #6

#5 @Jerry Fletcher In the passing world of uncertainties, sometimes we have to flip every probability to jot down forecasts. If water resource dwindles everywhere across the world, then no doubt, as you said, ‘there will come a day that water more than oil controls the world economy’.

With no well and city water, I must say, you had a great ordeal. Ah, I remember my childhood days when we experienced scarcity of water and we used to walk daily one furlong and fetch water (in containers) from the public tap. It was like a daily routine for an hour. Good, old days :)

Jerry Fletcher 30/4/2018 · #5

Mohammed, I'm told that there will come a day that water more than oil controls the world economy. It is our most valuable resource but we treat it as if it is available to all in sufficient quantities to be cavalier about it. One must live without or in a controlled situation in order to ingrain minimizing use. As a boy we had no well and no city water. All we had was the rain from the roof stored in a cistern. I can remember having no water and having to have it t rucked in. Not like places where people must walk miles to get some but enough of a lack to understand how precious this resource is.

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Great producer.

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Mohammed A. Jawad 29/4/2018 · #3

#2 That’s true that people, out of dire necessities, quarrel for water, and sometimes that leads to conflicts at a larger scale. And, indeed a fasting person knows the worth of a drop of water. More than food, water is a foremost need.

@Pascal Derrien Thanks for reading and commenting.

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Pascal Derrien 29/4/2018 · #2

This is something that I have always been conscious of since I am a kid, not sure if it does come from some adventure movies taking ace in the desert or something but I have always thought about the paradox in wasting water when others would kill for a drop and would even maybe die because of a lack of water

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Claire L Cardwell 29/4/2018 · #1

Even in a dry country with seasonal rainfall and after 2 serious droughts in less than 3 years, it never ceases to astound me just how wasteful people are with water. Simple measures like not leaving the tap on whilst you are brushing your teeth and re-using washing up water to irrigate the garden. Bathwater can either be used to wash your car, water the garden or flush the toilet. Great buzz @Mohammed A. Jawad!

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