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Strengthening America

Strengthening America

Yes…as the dictum goes ‘United we stand, divided we fall’, there’s urgency that Mr. Donald Trump, the President-elect reach out to the masses and dispel their fears and in doing so he can envision to ‘making America great again’.

The great transition is most wanted…from a scary figure to simple person who willingly takes up empathy to build a barricade of understanding. Perhaps, with this marvelous change in personality, those who didn’t vote for Trump, out of fear and anger, will forget any traces of rancor.

Perhaps, winning the presidency does signal that Mr. Trump has won the hearts of masses, especially the poor and the middle-class. But, the real jubilation comes when he turns out a changed person, with compassion and justice, and takes the helm of the nation for the benefits of all races. And the truth is that ruling a country, with a disengaged style razes the spirit of citizenry and spews only loathing and turmoil.

People who never thought that Mr. Trump will emerge as a winner are surprised and scared. It’s like something unusual happened and that wasn’t conceived. Now, the situation is that every political, economical pundits and strategists are making calculated predictions about the future of America and how Mr. Trump, with his novice presidential post, begins just, legitimate and truthful duties, with straightforward agenda.

Undoubtedly, Mr. Trump has business ventures and potential investments that categorize him a billionaire leading a corporate dynasty that’s spread out at various places. 

Agreed that he cannot be totally disconnected from his corporate world, but then he has to focus more on his presidential shift. Messing up the priorities of governance with other business commitments can jeopardize his persona.

With the sequel of election and outcome of results, Mr. Trump delivered his cordial acceptance speech. With that similar passion, Mr. Trump has to forget his past rhetoric and reshape his personality, with humility, kindness and truthfulness. That way he can portray himself as a good President for all the people.

As it is plausible to say that a good start will make things easier, therefore, Mr. Trump has to be cautious in taking right decisions during his presidency. Any disarray in authority can lead to conflicting issues and tangling protests.

It should be noted that Henry Kissinger, who has studied the balance of power for decades has written an elegant book ‘Does America Need a Foreign Policy?’ He says, “We will be the dominant power in the 21st century. No groups of states will be able to prevent this. But our challenge is to see if we can translate our power into an acceptance of some kind so that every foreign policy issue does not become a test of our strength, which will drain us domestically and breed resentment abroad. We must move from imposition to consensus.”

In fact, Mr. Trump, with his primary purpose to strengthen America, should govern in a righteous manner to instill human solidarity under the aegis of humanity. That way all the people can make America great again!

Good luck America!

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Mohammed A. Jawad 22/11/2016 · #11

#6 @Harvey Lloyd Agreed without any doubt and hassles. I'll change it now. Thanks so much. :)

Randy Keho 22/11/2016 · #10

#8 "Compassion for individuals" is what led to the formation of the Trump nation. He wasn't elected by "Big Business," he was elected by the Tom, Dick, and, Harry's who live outside of the major metropolitan areas who want jobs. If Trump can get them good jobs, he'll easily get eight years in office.

Robert Cormack 22/11/2016 · #9

Good piece.

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Robert Cormack 22/11/2016 · #8

Donald Trump proved one thing: America is ready for change. What America doesn't realize is they won't get the change they want from him. Follow his latest appointments and you'll see. He's not changing to help the poor and the middle class. In fact, he's going to turn America into a Businessman's Empire, one that meets on the golf links, and refers to the voter base as "jokes." People need to prepare themselves. This is a Republican Big Business detente, and we won't see "compassion for individuals" for another four years.

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Harvey Lloyd 22/11/2016 · #7

#3 Thanks @Chas Wyatt that was an interesting link. History is an important part of our understanding of the future. It would appear on the surface we have behaved our way into a similar predicament as the Germans.

We tend to shape history into what our needs of the present. This article certainly spells out some challenging aspects of the population of the time.

My personal belief is we are all sensing something of the future, from different perspectives but a future similar to what the article described.

Starving people tend to loose their sense of humanity very quickley.

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Harvey Lloyd 22/11/2016 · #6

@Mohammed A. Jawad if i could offer up that we replace the word "race" with "human". Our globalized economy and awareness through social media has expanded our boundaries to require a human label rather than the special interest labels of groups vying for government attention. Humans need to unite under a single banner within these untested waters of government exuberance.

As to Trump, you describe the crossroads he is peering into quite well. He has the opportunity to take a road that has not been traveled in some time. The road is a dangerous one and fraught with accusations and innuendo. Clearly not a path to an eight-year term. My hope is his business acumen will show him the goal is greater than the man we call President.

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Chas ✌️ Wyatt 22/11/2016 · #5

History and facts speak for themselves. They don't need any xenophobic interpretation and embellishment.

Brian McKenzie 22/11/2016 · #4

The Americans that think the Civil War was about slavery, are exactly the same that think Trump's victory was about racism, xenophobia, homophobia, islamophobia and of course misogyny. Neither plays out past the rhetoric. Sorry SJW's - HISTORY & FACTs are just not on your side.

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