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Suicide—a macabre act

When you come across any suicide news, what would be your immediate reaction? You pause a moment…! Oh, then! You try doing a little guesswork…but to what avail? The only question lingers: what could be reason behind this suicide episode?

In a recent past, a teenage student committed suicide after failing in one of the subjects. And the news  headline was more shocking, baffling to the readers. That chaotic tragedy left  the boy's parents  panic-stricken!

As it turns out, the teenage student couldn’t come to terms with the fact that he could only score 17 out of 100 in mathematics. What an insensible and impulsive act!

Whatever be the reason—real or hypothetical, never ever one should bring the thought of suicide. Where goes one’s sense of God? From which perspective, you would take this news? Whatever is your analysis, but you just can’t forget this fact: Life is a boon, so precious that one cannot end up like that. Rather, you think and think repeatedly, can this simple reason drive one to suicide?

Ugh…one fails in one worldly subject…and lo, he commits suicide. What a correlation, boy? A little sadness was enough…you could have gathered inspiration and mettle to prove your attempts.

Let there be a lesson to the world, with this precious dictum of Thomas A. Edison, an American inventor and businessman: “Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is to try just one more time.”

Boy, you could have tried writing the exam in a second attempt. That’s what the rule suggests.

Why one should embrace dark thoughts and depression because of failures? If failure is witnessed, can suicidal thinking and taking one’s own life be a solution, answer or respite? Never! It’s so mind-blowing and harsh for parents to endure the grief—so dear, beloved son leaves an unbearable mark of agony by ending up his life.

Is suicide apparent conclusion for severe depression, hopelessness or external pressure? Then, these utter silly indications leading to berserk end are ruthless enemies to life. They slice life to death, and that’s so terminal move.

O Almighty Lord! Let no depression, shame, anxiety or embarrassment lead to isolation or provoke one to commit suicide.

Whatever culture we live in we shouldn’t degrade or discourage an individual just because he or she is not up to the mark or excels not by performance. When there’s disconnect in ties, no inspiration through good words or noble deeds, then its harsh isolated society, everything gets in doldrums.

Nothing right now is more vital t