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The Role of Parents

The Role of Parents

When it comes to upbringing children, the parental role is most complicated and vital. On one side, mothers have to be caring and compassionate, and then, fathers have to be encouraging, guiding and helpful.

It’s factual that more than a father, a mother takes more efforts and pain in looking after children. Indeed, a considerate mother plays diverse roles towards her children and that’s her specialty and trait.

Besides this, when a father is more caring, controlling and comforting, then that balances a family with equal, responsible roles.

Oftentimes, there are typical stories in families where fathers deem that their duty is to earn and dispense things, and no way bother to be involved in domestic chores. O yes, those typical men think that after dumping groceries and giving out some petty cash, women ought to toil alone with daily tasks, keep a check on domestic affairs and build up courage now and then to counsel children.

For years, I have noticed how patiently a woman has shouldered great responsibilities in upbringing her children while working a full time job. Though she’s suffered a lot from her lethargic husband and at times her life turned turbulent, but then she’s a caring and thoughtful mom. What a say of this lady who, at the time of her daughter’s marriage, spent money from her own savings, and not a penny was spent by her reckless husband.

Okay, if a woman is an earning member, then her jobless husband should be helpful and more concerned. At least, such an attitude will be a solace to his wife and pleasant to his children.

When women give full attention in family affairs, it’s no good at all for men to become aloof and selfish. With all tiredness and tolerance, if a wife becomes a little frustrated or angry, then plainly she’s disregarded, blamed or tortured.

Well, on the whole, children deserve good parenting, and when the affection, help and guidance comes from a mother as well as a father, then children feel safe and happy.

Perhaps, it’s a wrong notion of a man when he says, “Oh, I have a job, and by spending my salary on family, I am doing my part as a husband and father.”

More than financial support, what’s more worthwhile is continuous care, moral support and time spent towards family. What happens when husbands become easygoing, careless and detached from domestic affairs?

In most cases, it’s misery that’s tolerated by women, and when things go out of control, then children become spoilt and unruly. Here, the following quote would suffice:

“...unless a grown child has been spoiled in a way that teaches them that their needs should always be met and come first or the grown child was not respected and/or abused by their mother or father and they will distance themselves in many cases...”

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James Olcott 12/11/2017 · #6

As a father, I tried to spend as much time as possible with my small children. That meant talking to them and playing with them as much as possible. The children, of course, adore this. The grown man must adopt himself to the mentality of small children. The reward is that this allows fathers the chance to brand them with his own personality, humor, and guidance.

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Children need guidance from both mothers and fathers. I always think it will s the men who miss out on such wonderful relationships with their children if they adopt the attitude you describe above. Life is all relationships.

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Jerry Fletcher 9/11/2017 · #4

The caring, involved father is frustrated by culture, religion and, I believe, hormones. Too few understand the role they fulfill as parents.

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I am referring to your valuable buzz in my next buzz @Mohammed A. Jawad


I read a book once that had a great view on how a husband and wife work in the family. It said to image the husband and father as the Head of the family and the wife and mother as the neck.
Husbands and Fathers are meant to take the leadership role of the family. So, men make the decisions in the family. Yet, because we are men, we have a natural pride that keeps us focused in one direction.
The Wife and Mother are our teammate, that play a different role. When I said they can be like the neck, my wife can turn me to help me look a different direction and keep me connected to the family. What good is a head if not connected to the body. No signals can every the body. She is equally important as me, just with a different role.

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