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What HR Can Do to Improve Employee Engagement

What HR Can Do to Improve Employee Engagement

Now-a-days, stories of employee loyalty are less heard. Devoid of conscience, there can be no truthfulness, and without truthfulness there can be no loyalty.

Ever heard of a bakery in Makkah, Saudi Arabia that’s manned by bakers alone and there are neither cashiers nor sales persons. Regular customers are aware of it. What they need they buy it and drop the exact cash in a box that’s kept inside the bakery.

Interestingly, the owner of the bakery believes the goodness in people to pay for the bread that they buy. Even those who are hungry can walk in and take the bread without paying a penny. At the end of every month, the bakery owner finds precise amount what he should have received. Splendid, isn’t it?

Even, on the walls of the bakery, there are signs that says, “Take the bread yourself and pay yourself. We trust you with no limits.”

Applying the same approach, wouldn’t it be better if employees assume their own, respective roles and responsibilities, with commitments, loyalty and sincerity?

Presumably, when every employee becomes loyal, then there will be no need of ranked supervisors and departmental managers. Work goes on without any flaw, meddling or obstacles. On the contrary, one may notice more integrity, team-spirit and mindfulness among the workforce.

In fact, employee engagement comes out of loyalty, and it’s the spirit of any organization. Employee loyalty is one of the rudiments of a great company culture, and in its presence, a company can bolster its corporate image. With engaged employees and satisfied customers, there’s a double blessing that signals company’s wellness and success.

It makes sense when companies hire people who get tied up to their jobs, with a sense of responsibility, loyalty and hard work. With such employees, there will be a remarkable work performance without any deviations or violations at the workplace.

What matters most is how well employees exhibit their punctuality to their workplaces, accomplish their tasks with a sense of responsibility and remain spirited and supportive with their cordial behaviors. With all these traits, the outcome is sheer employee loyalty and engagement. Even with ups and downs in the company affairs, with low profitability, growth or delayed salaries, employees work hard and continue to harbor a genuine passion that lets them to remain loyal to their company.

When employees exhibit no loyalty to their companies, then there’s neither trust nor commitment. In fact, only those employees who are sincere enough in all ways and truthful by their actions and words can prove themselves trustworthy and committed.

Some companies for the sake of employees well-being and happiness embrace employee engagement strategies. With the high employee engagement levels, a company can expect high efficiency and retention rates. In truth, when a company wants to have a great working culture and organizational growth, then as an initial step, it should adopt employee wellness programs and conduct employee training and development initiatives that can boost employee morale and motivation.

When a company fails to motivate their employees with employee engagement concepts and agendas, it clearly shows the lethargy and negligence of the HR department.

Verily, in some companies, HR departments abide by their old, biased and restricted system, and the HR teams are least bothered to foster other forms of appreciation, bonus, incentive, employee engagement strategies and welfare procedures.

Notably, one company has an exceptional working environment, and taking this as an example even HR professionals can learn something innovative and rejuvenate their methodologies for best outcomes.

Truly, this company fosters a cordial, helpful, motivating, rewarding, transparent and trustworthy culture. With worthwhile HR policies and procedures, the company offers good monthly salaries, annual bonuses based on performance appraisal, other incentives from profits, advance housing allowance, children schooling support, goodwill loans, monthly social stipend, medical insurance for direct family members and parents, leisure and fitness clubs’ memberships to the employees and their extended families, health kit purchase subsidy and subscription aid for diet programs.

While considering the development of HR as a focal division of the company’s success and improvement of employees’ capabilities, the company uses diverse development programs such as group training, professionals courses, leadership programs, executive, management and specialized trainings, higher education, graduate program, English language courses and subscription support in electronic and audio archives, bulletins and magazines.

Indeed, fortunate are the employees who work in this company where employees avail a high quality of life, cherish in annual ceremonies, enjoy monthly lunch to build bridges with colleagues and benefit by participating in ceremonial occasions, key festivities and social gatherings.

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Jerry Fletcher 14 h ago · #8

Mohammed, I don't disagree with your wanting the best for employees. After 50 years of working with corporate managers I can tell you one thing that can change any organization that is not reliant on HR. That is for the senior officers of the company to literally go visit with employees where the work is being done, ask them for suggestions on how to do it better and then implement those changes. As a consultant friend once said to me, "The solution to any problem in a company is with in 14 feet of the problem." HR can't solve problems with an Ivory Tower attitude and managers can't improve a business without walking around in it. And so it goes.

+1 +1

#6 Yes Jerry, I do agree with your comments. HR people shouldn’t be business people. Rather they should be more humane and think about the well-being of the workforce. Well, sometimes, without even spending anything, HR people can conduct in-house leadership lessons, carry out simple counseling to sort out workers’ differences, churn employee motivation through inspiring sessions, schedule internal workshops to boost team-spirit and bring out internal newsletters that can make employees aware with newsworthy content. The saddest part is that nothing can happen from the top ranks, if at all HR is least bothered and unmindful for any such innovative ideas.

Jerry Fletcher 6 d ago · #6

#5 Mohammed, the single biggest problem that HR people have is that they are not business people. Their training, experience and abilities have never been honed in the fire of leadership for profit. Yes, they should be acknowledged for their required role but, in my view, seldom if ever should they have final say over anyone at a management level. I have found that the extensive employee manuals they favor can be replaced by a one sentence mission statement that every employee must learn and operate by. And so it goes.

+1 +1

#3 Thanks Jerry for your comments. What if HR wing is full of intellectuals and they remain mum for the fear of losing their lucrative jobs. Agreed that HR, generally, have no real power to mend something or bring in changes. But, realizing their pivotal roles and responsibilities, at least they should chart out good policies and put forth their recommendations in front of a CEO. Simple, isn’t that?

Gutemberg Dos Santos Oct 10, 2019 · #4

These are some great ideas. I hope more HR companies begin to incorporate ways to help their employees gain extra value in their role.

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Jerry Fletcher Oct 9, 2019 · #3

Mohammed, It would be wonderful if HR had the wits and ability to provide the sort of working culture you describe. Unfortunately, they don't in most cases. Here, in the USA they are considered by the people that actually run companies as necessary only because of legal requirements. They generally have no real power (and from a CEO's perspective shouldn't). The man or woman at the top must want the kind of culture you describe or it will not happen. And so it goes.

+2 +2
Rodriguez Maria adela Oct 9, 2019 · #2

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