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Workplace Gossip

Workplace Gossip

We believe that women keep themselves busier with their chitchats at gatherings, do more talks and vain gossips. But then, we can also find the traits of gossiping in men. Particularly, at workplaces, employees are more prone to office gossip and idle chats. It’s a corporate world: people take delight in talking about each other, spreading rumors and tossing a complaint or two about things that happen at work.

Shun gossip, then there’s a plenty of productive time. Stop hateful backbiting, then there’s a goodness that creeps in to stimulate harmony and teamwork. A simple environment like this can turn managers to motivators, with great ideas and their subordinates to loyal staff with great enthusiasm. O boy, this is the workplace spirit, a good work atmosphere!

Gossiping goes on anytime, with no restrictions. More often gossipers are active during break times, out from the office cubicles and production areas, as if freed prisoners they first breathe their full to enliven their lungs. Standing at ease or with typical postures, like actors, they reflect their thoughts and notions, with a giggling nuance or panicking laughter. No concrete discussions, but gossip about irrelevant issues, office politics and shenanigans or inactive scenarios of collapsing workers’ morale.

Gossipers come out with big mouths, and dare not speak of initiatives to rectify the work culture; they neither gather ingredients to infuse team spirit nor churn unity for a singular corporate culture—that speaks about corporate social responsibility, employees commitments and work efficiency.

Strange isn’t it? Less work, slow productivity, and more stuff from a culture of gossips. And then, rumors fly, without wings, all unchecked. Gossipers and lazy workers move around, shuttling from one department to other department, leaking secrets, exchanging idle talks and ideas, and they presume, as if they are networking, with a mark of social affinity.

Aha, gossipers sometimes, are so sharp, that they lace mere guesswork to little facts, and turn it into a juicy gossip. People, at short intervals, gather in groups to listen some new gossip or breaking news about others’ reputations. It’s so untrustworthy mannerism of selfish employees.

The one who is honest, sincere employee, with a sense of responsibility will feel sick of such office gossip, which suffocates the workplace community.

Now-a-days, decency at workplace is outdated or rarely practiced. Who cares good words, good leadership lessons, or techniques for teamwork? Gossipers, who in fact are lazy, most insecure and least productive workers, are hungry to gather information about others and delving people’s private lives; they just spew rumors as a way of opposing others and use savory tidbits to influence their colleagues.

Well, as a final lesson, it should be remembered that workplace gossip is toxic, it’s destructive, distracting and discrediting talk that prompts resentment and clashes among colleagues, and it results in disorder, alienation from others and complex decision-making. In fact, gossip, at workplace, is harmful to productivity and morale.

So, let’s jettison gossip from our lives, encourage respect, talk sensibly at appropriate time or be silent, and help promote a great sense of teamwork.

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Mohammed A. Jawad 16/7/2018 · #9

#1 @Harvey Lloyd I do appreciate your thoughtful, guiding comments. You have detailed out good perspectives on gossip and discernment. Perhaps, when we get carried away with vain talks and false conjectures then that’s gossiping. Yes, with little wisdom, we can turn our talks into motivational counsel and rectify others who are devoid of conscience and make a show of their talks, like blabbers, and try to influence others through wrong means. It is total dishonesty and nasty attitude of such people who, with their blotching whispering, derail others’ motivation and morale.

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Mohammed A. Jawad 15/7/2018 · #8

#2 @Bill King Well said. Indeed, more than sickening maladies, sometimes, foul-mouthed gossips and ill-disposition defile human personality and cause deviations at workplaces. Thanks for reading and commenting.:)

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Mohammed A. Jawad 15/7/2018 · #7

#4 @Debasish Majumder Thank you for your comments and sharing this post.

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Mohammed A. Jawad 15/7/2018 · #6

#5 @Jerry Fletcher Thanks for reading and your appreciative remarks. Indeed, negative people 'as whisperers' with their shadowy deeds often mar other peoples' attitude and cheerfulness.

Jerry Fletcher 14/7/2018 · #5

Mohammed, I like the way Bill King characterized these negative people as "whisperers." I have seen them at work and your clarion call to "jettison gossip from our lives, encourage respect, talk sensibly at appropriate time or be silent, and help promote a great sense of teamwork," is truly an idea worth employing.

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Debasish Majumder 12/7/2018 · #4

lovely buzz @Mohammed A. Jawad! enjoyed read and shared. thank you for the buzz.

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Edward Lewellen 12/7/2018 · #3

Thank you for this inspiring article, @Mohammed A. Jawad!

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Bill King 12/7/2018 · #2

@Mohammed A. Jawad, a wise post. If you asked any of my coworkers they could tell you what I call these people, "The Whisperers." I ask everyone not to whisper in my ear. If it needs to be said, say it loud, plus I'm hard of hearing so whispering to me wont work. Once you identify a Whisperer you can watch them walk through a building stopping and whispering. This kind of behavior never seems to increase production and should not be accepted. What we accept we promote.

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