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Must-Have Fashion Trends Making a Comeback this Fall

Must-Have Fashion Trends Making a Comeback this FallWhen I'm asked to recall the early 2000's, three things come to mind: 1) Adam Brody, 2) my unfortunate preoccupation with applying way too much sparkly eye shadow, and 3) jean miniskirts.  Even to this day I can't help but be transformed into the past every time I slip on one of my many short denim skirts.  If I'm not careful putting together the whole look, it doesn't take long before I'm staring in the mirror looking at an overaged preppy schoolgirl in desperate need of a makeover.  Luckily, wearing a jean miniskirt this fall doesn't put you behind the times.  In fact, this hot ticket item may be the best way to graduate from your typical skinny jean casual look and say hello to the sexier, yet very understated, new you!

Must-Have Fashion Trends Making a Comeback this Fall

For those of you pushing 30, your hesitation to welcome this trend with open arms is hereby noted.  Luckily, jean skirts come in all lengths!  A jean midi skirt is the perfect alternative to the flirtatious jean miniskirt.

When it comes to making the perfect pairings this fall, (no I don't mean wine and cheese pairings, although those are very important!), oversized and slouchy are your two best friends. To make oversized and slouchy work for you, pair them with one fitted item.  A fitted jean miniskirt with a long oversized cotton poplin white button-down blouse will complement each other in perfect harmony.

Lastly, as much as our minds want to dissuade us from the impending cool fall weather approaching, coats will soon be inevitable.  Once again, oversized is in.  I can't get enough of this super chic, oversized grey coat from FarFetch.  It's got the neutral-tone understated vibe that every sophisticated girl wants, but could turn into a devilishly hot statement piece when paired with some color!

Must-Have Fashion Trends Making a Comeback this Fall

Updating any Fall wardrobe should start with the basics.  Luckily, this Fall the hottest trends can also be some of your most versatile pieces!

By: J. Molly

Molly Parker Sep 9, 2016 · #5

Thank you all so much! @Cepee Tabibian The skirt is Joe's Jeans from Zappos! I love it too!

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Cepee Tabibian Sep 9, 2016 · #4

@Molly Parker keep it coming! Love the look and I need to find that denim skirt you feature. Haha, Adam Brody reference. lol.

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Lisa Gallagher Sep 9, 2016 · #3

#2 I'm just about there with you @Gerald Hecht - well I would have been if I wouldn't have gained some weight since 2000 but yet I still hold on to some of my older clothes. Such a creature of habit and well, comfort!

Gerald Hecht Sep 9, 2016 · #2

Good thing all my Kurt Cobain stuff still...who am I kidding...every pair of (what's left of ) jeans, and sweater thingies and flannel shirts I own...were bought between 1992 and 2002

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Lisa Gallagher Sep 8, 2016 · #1

Nice, look forward to seeing more @j. molly