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3 Tips to Find Happiness During the Holiday Season

Published on The Good Men Project 11/20/16

3 Tips to Find Happiness During the Holiday Season

A dad who has “been there” gives some important tips on surviving the holidays.

During the days of Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah and New Year’s Eve, our thoughts naturally turn to what this season will bring for us. For us single-parents, these times can be especially difficult, whether the children are with us or not.

We face having all the child care responsibilities, dealing with upset children, potentially feeling uncomfortable at friend’s parties, not being invited to a party because we don’t have the kids with us, the shame associated with divorce, an overwhelming feeling of loss and our own loneliness.

Over 20 years ago, my wife and mother of my five young children left us and never returned. Back then I was a scared young man who had to figure out how to raise my kids and find happiness. So, I have had to