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The Future of Native Mobile Apps on Blockchain 

We all are moving towards adoption of innovative technologies with the passage of time. Businesses need to stay updated with changing technologies to stay in the race. One of the latest additions to the list of innovative technologies is Blockchain. It is a distributed digital ledger that records transactions in a decentralised database. This decentralised database comprises of a number of blocks of information each of which is timestamped and cryptographically linked to the previous block in the chain. The entire database in a blockchain is visible to everyone involved in that chain however the change in data or information cannot be done by any one of the members.

The Future of Native Mobile Apps on Blockchain 

Blockchain technology has come a long way after going through a number of development and evolution phases. Bitcoin and Blockchain projects were placed as open source projects in 2009 for the first time which drew the tech community’s attention. The technology has ever since garnered attention from everyone in the tech industry which led to sudden rise in the demands of blockchain projects. Blockchain technology has influenced numerous projects running on GitHub and developers have found numerous new ways to utilize the technology besides in cryptocurrencies.

The Demand for Blockchain Solutions

The demand for blockchain solutions is on all-time high and since the technology is rather new there aren’t many developers in the world yet proficient enough to handle complex blockchain development projects and it’s not easy to find those who are. However with time as developers are getting to understand the technology deeper a number of companies dedicated to blockchain have come forward.

Blockchain technology provides a number of benefits to help reduce fraud, improve liquidity, and free up capital improving the way financial businesses navigate their systems. Finance is not the only application of blockchain technology; developers have come forward with a number of other applications utilizing this technology.

Blockchain Mobile Applications

BitPesa – This application is launched in Africa, one of the least advanced areas of the world when it comes to fiscal expansion. BitPesa being a blockchain based app allows users to do business all over Africa with app features like built-in overseas exchange and business to business payment option.

Storj Storj is a blockchain based app that makes use of heavy encryption to store digital mater in the cloud. Data storage is taken to the next level with this application utilizing CDN to increase security and uptime and improve the speed of delivery of data.

Riot Blockchain – RIoT blockchain allowed public to indirectly invest in cryptocurrency through the US stock market.

Golem — If you wish to create your own supercomputer, this app allows you to do that. Golem allows users to rent a single workstation or a big data centre to create on-demand supercomputer. If you wish to have your own blockchain app development you can get in touch with team at Incubasys blockchain businesses that use computing power for things like machine learning, graphics rendering, and weather can get computations in a few clicks.

Blockchain technology is the future and as time goes by with technological advances we shall witness blockchain technology in all its glory.