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Popular Web Hosting Types

When you think about hosting your website it is important for you to consider some factor that directly affects your website hosting. Like:- Bandwidth, storage, dependability, scalability, secure site certification, malware and spam protection, etc.

Popular Web Hosting Types
With all the different types of web hosting available, it can be confusing to choose the right one but after gathering all the data regarding these above factors will help you to clear your view. There are lots of options currently present on the internet so let’s go one by one to each of them.

Shared hosting :

This is the first step towards hosting or we can say just the beginning of hosting a website if you are new to this area. In this type of hosting your website is hosted on a shared server as its name suggests the factors like storage, bandwidth, and many more are shared among all the clients of that shared server.

Dedicated hosting :

This hosting type is totally opposite to the shared hosting, in shared hosting where we are sharing the server among all clients in this we are hosting our website in a separate server. All the resources on that server are dedicated to our website use.

VPS(virtual private server) :

This server is somewhere in the middle of a dedicated server and shared server in the functionality because we have our own server resources but the difference is that the whole server does not belong to us meaning the overall CPU time, memory, and many more resources are shared. Suppose hosting service provider has a server of size 10GB of memory whole but for you, it may reserve 4GB of memory. Resources are divided among the client virtually according to the requested arises by the client.

Self-service web hosting :

Self-service hosting means by its name itself, you have to rent a place for your server and storage. The complete web hosting is at your own responsibility. The hardware, software power, bandwidth, cooling, backups, administration are maintained by your self. It is the most expensive type of hosting because all the resources are own by us.
Then comes some of the hosting types which are not so popular but have their own importance

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