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Australian Onsite Curtain Cleaning Specialises in Melbourne

Cleaning curtains helps bring your room to life with a fresh airy feel and you have the confidence they are cleaned and sanitized. Curtains tend to be large filters trapping dust and all types of airborne nastiest that will attack the fibres leading to a shorter life. Pets, cooking and smoke can leave distinct odours in Fabrics that can be quite unpleasant.

Australian Onsite Curtain Cleaning Specialises in Melbourne

Australian Onsite Drapery specialises in window fabrics only, it is not an add-on to carpet cleaning, or any service that thinks curtains can be treated like just another cleaning task. So whether its rubber or suedebacks, swags and tails, velvets or velours, you can rest assured your curtains will be cleaned with professionalism and the care that you expect.

Australian Onsite Drapery will clean your curtains, whatever their size, and return them as fresh and clean as they can possibly be. Use our Professional Curtain Cleaning Service and see the difference! We safely and effectively clean them all, whether they are new, antique or just old. Our curtain cleaning can make a surprising difference to any home, which is why we recommend them to be professionally cleaned approximately every twice a year. It only makes sense too, the last thing you want happening is for grime and dust to penetrate the fabric and to eventually cause in ground soiling.

Let us take care of your draperies, swags, tails and pelmets. We have the expertise to deal with all types of curtains and tapestries, and take pride in them as much as you do.