Story of Refund Consulting Business by Create Australia

Story of Refund Consulting Business by Create Australia

We've been spending a heap of time getting ready for our new participants to come through, which I love because I get to think about how I can inspire them once they're on board. When I was preparing this I wanted a really cool theme and headline...

So I was thinking, "What is the opportunity that refunds really create for people like you and me and for everybody?

The first headline I wrote was "You're One Refund Away from being financially free..."

I thought that was kinda good but it's not why some of you care about being a refund agent...

Then I thought, "You're One Refund Away from Changing Someone's Life."

Well, that's good for some people but it's not everyone's motivation.

"You're One Refund Away from Quitting Your Job."

"You're One Refund Away from Changing Your Life."

I wrote all these different headlines but I wasn't really happy with any of them...

Finally, I took the headline and I deleted 90% of it and I was left with this:

You're Just One Refund Away...

When I said that I got chills and everyone in our office started to go crazy (literally, we were jumping around because we were SO excited...)

You see, we're all different but we're all only ONE REFUND away from SOMETHING.

At the beginning of my 20-year business journey, I was on the brink of bankruptcy...

Then I did the unthinkable. I decided to start my own Refund Business in order to stay at home with my kids.

Everything was crashing down upon me... but I did it anyway.

But in that risk, ONE REFUND saved me and brought it all back...

I can't tell you how many times one refund has transformed my life or the life of one of our customers.

All of us are just one refund away from greatness...

What do you think is possible, as soon as one of your refunds take off?

Is it sharing your passion for helping people? Being financially free?

Getting out of a job you hate and a dead end life?

Or creating a lasting asset you can hand down to your children?

What is it your one refund could do for you?

I want you to think about that as you decide if you're going to come on board with our end of year Christmas intake.

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