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Why small-businesses do need landing pages for their AdWords ads?

Why small-businesses do need landing pages for their AdWords ads?

One of the biggest mistakes small businesses make is to direct a Google Ad to their website home page instead of a specific page. They put time and energy creating a campaign, investing money and getting bad results. Frustrated, they abandon their conquest into Google AdWords due to their inability to run a successful campaign.

Even if some owners don’t think so, AdWords is one of the most effective methods of driving traffic to your website. However, if poorly managed, it can result in a huge waste of money and energy.

Dear owners, use landing pages and create an individual one for each one of your AdWords campaigns.

Why should you use landing pages?

Landing pages are designed to direct visitors in order to take a single specific action. The website home page is usually cluttered with information, there are many possible actions a visitor can take so there is a lack of focus.

How to create an effective landing page?

  • Before you create your landing page, it is important you define your page’s goal: generating sales, filling out a form…
  • The overall structure of your page design will have a huge impact on the effectiveness of your landing page and how well it drives conversions:

- Use color and eye-catching images

- Make it as easy as possible for a visitor to convert

- Be sure to maintain a clean page with obvious, natural navigation and no distractions

  • The landing page headline and subheadings provide a key opportunity to promote the value of your offer
  • Add trust signs to indicate to visitors that your offer and brand are trustworthy: testimonials, “Like” counters, trust badges…
  • Companies want to collect as much data as they can from forms. However, when it comes to creating a good landing page, less is more. If your conversion requires a form, only ask the essentials of what you need, and you can always ask for more info on the thank you page.
  • Customize your landing page to different audiences and make sure you match the words used in the page copy with the keywords and text used in your AdWords ads.
  • Make your landing page mobile-friendly

Build a Landing Page for Google AdWords to read

When you are building your landing page, don’t ignore the opportunity to relate with HTML, URL paths and other SEO tactics. Use meta tags like title tags, description attributes, alt tags to convey what your page is about. Also, use consistent keywords in your title pages, and match them with your page content.

Keep in mind that Google likes landing pages that are Relevant, Useful, Unique, Easy to navigate and Trustworthy

Test and adjust

A/B testing is very important in online marketing. You can test a control (“A”) against a variant (“B”), and optimize your landing page and Google AdWords for conversions

For your Google AdWords campaigns, A/B test your:

  • Headline
  • Display URL
  • Call to Action
  • Competitive benefits of your offer
  • Wording of your offer

Don’t forget to setup your analytic tool and track your result!

A landing page can make or break the success of your AdWords campaigns. Act on one or two of these tips, test them out and increase your conversion!

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