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Top 6 Security Questions To Ask Your Hosting Provider

One has to take care of the security of their website so as to prevent it from the entry of outside invaders who can be potentially harmful for your website. Investing in security of your website is very crucial as it helps in saving you from any disastrous malware or abnormal functioning of your website. To protect your web empire from foreign invasion after investing in the technology, you should be aware about certain security questions which you should ask to your web hosting companies in order to make sure that your site is safe.

Top 6 Security Questions To Ask Your Hosting Provider

Let us discuss the most frequently asked security questions that you should know and these questions are mentioned below:

1. What kind of security policy is provided by your hosting company?

It is very important to ask for the detailed description of the security policies and measures to the hosting provider. When you read the policy in the detailed manner, you can easily predict the amount of care the hosting provider does for your site. There can be a multiple range of web hosting choices beginning from simply offering cheap solutions to the management of traffic on your website. Certain hosting companies provide you with only the server space and connection and do not pay attention to Web security whereas other hosting providers including offer advanced web security options.

2. Give a detailed description of the framework of your hosting company.

The security of web hosting lies in the detailed description about their configurations and hence one should enquire about the operating system, the server software that is used by the company, the frequency of updates regarding security patches, the downtime for the updating process, and software for virtualization present for the server are the underlying enquiries that should be done.

3. What is your backup procedure and what is the duration for retaining the backup?

By restoring the backup of your site, the loss done due to hacking can be easily recovered. If you can get an easy access to your website backup, then you may save a lot of time and efforts. So you should know where your hosting provider is storing your backup data, how is the backup constructed and for how long, it is retained.

4. Do you enable us to use Let’s Encrypt?

There are various hosting companies that provide a facility to enable the Let’s Encrypt (SSL/TLS) certificates for free. One must understand that it is important to get a certification of HTTPS or SSL in order to prevent your website from any cyber crimes and attackers who keep an eye on the traffic on your website. Having HTTPS will prevent the stealing of your usernames and passwords. Additionally, it also enhances the SEO rankings and it will save your data on the website from any malicious attack. Also, Google chrome has already begin the issuing of “not secure” warnings for the SSL-deprived WebPages. Hence, it is strongly recommended to switch your website from HTTP to HTTPS.

5. Are there any advanced security options available?

There are various advanced security options that are available such as:

· For keeping a regular check of foreign harmful files on the website, the scanning of these files can be done using anti-malware scanning software.

· To protect your applications and databases from any attack by foreign invaders, the Web Application Firewalls (WAF) is used to filter these.

· If there is any detection of a compromise by a third party, then the messages for being alert are provided by blacklist monitoring.

6. Will you make a note of our server logs and what is their retention time?

Server logs are a very credible way to determine whether the site was attacked by the invaders or not. But those customers who purchase entry level hosting plans, they do not get any access to their server logs or it is retained for very short time duration which is of no use. Hence, it is recommended to buy a plan which allows you to access your log files for at least 24 hours. And 30 days is a considerable amount of time for which it should be available.

Therefore, without making any compromise on the security of your website, choose the best web hosting company for your website by keeping in mind these 6 important security questions.