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Virtual Classrooms Changing The Face Of Education

Virtual Classrooms Changing The Face Of Education

The Covid-19 pandemic has created considerable ambiguity for teachers and students alike around the world who are having to deal with its extraordinary ripple effects as schools and other educational institutions were forced to shut down. In such a situation, it is normal to feel sad, worried, confused, scared, or even angry. To minimize the impact of this disruption on student’s academic progress, schools started conducting online classes for their students.

Students in higher secondary schools and colleges experienced unchartered territory when it came to their education, transitioning from in-person classrooms and campus experiences to virtual ones. As more schools navigated towards virtual learning, students starting understanding how this could help them learn better. 

Dedicated Time To Study

Timetables and study schedules can go a long way in inculcation discipline in students. Virtual learning can help create the same discipline in-person classes did when accepted and adhered to correctly. 

Self-Paced Learning

The virtual classroom can help students complete their targets at any time and arrange a learning schedule that meets their individual needs. This is also enabled through the wide availability of Wi-Fi connections, allowing students to log on when they see fit.

Practice Makes Perfect

Classroom learning limits you to textbooks and additional notes that you are provided with. When you study on the internet you have access to unlimited online resources that you can use at your leisure. This also means you can access a larger number of practice tests and mock exams. While mock exams are not identical to the actual exams, they give students a fair idea of the writing structure, difficulty level and pace of writing.

Comparison With Peers

Studying online at their own pace lets them benchmark their performance against that of their peers. With immediate access to teachers and resources, studying online helps students solve their doubts faster and hence increase the pace at which they learn. Similarly, they have immediate access to their peers and can benchmark their performances to assess the level of their preparedness.

Get More Out of Your Holidays

By studying from home, students save valuable time that they would otherwise spend getting ready and travelling to and from school or college. This gives them more time to do all the things they love, and also pick up more new habits that can help shape their personalities. This includes

In a recent NSHSS survey about the approaching fall semester, about 53% of students said they preferred in-person classes but could deal with online learning. Over 94% were hopeful that they would get a college education, 86% were confident that would successfully graduate on time, and 83% were confident they would get a job on time. This is a positive sign that even though things look bleak, students are still hopeful and optimistic when it comes to their education.