7 Essential features of eCommerce Website

7 Essential features of eCommerce Website

If you are looking to find an ecommerce website for your business in order to start selling your products online, you need to make sure that your new site will have the most important features of an ecommerce website.

Important Features of Ecommerce Websites

High Quality Imagery

Product images are important for eCommerce store victory. Images must be high quality and highly detailed. Just think of it when you are shopping, would you buy something that looks bad?

You may be selling the best quality products in your store, but if your product images look poor, people are unlikely to buy from you.

It would be a well investment if you are selling consumer items to get a professional photographer to take high quality photographs of your products.

Clean Web Design

The design of a website will crash the way your visitors observe your brand. If your website looks cheap, your brand will be apparent as a substandard provider or service. However if your website seems overly elite and you are selling mid range products, then this may force your customers to tap away again before they even get to look at your product prices.

Quick and Accurate Search Function

A good ecommerce website will have an easy to find search box where people can quickly find what they are looking to buy. Your customers are likely to have a busy lifestyle, so being able to find what they need quickly can be the difference in making a sale or losing it. Just look at Amazon for example, one of the best features from their marketplace website is their search function. It is easy to find, you cannot miss it, yet when you search for an item, 90% of the time the results will have exactly what you typed in and a range similar alternatives or related products.

If your customer can find what they need quickly, you will have a better chance of converting them into a sale.

Simple website navigation

Navigation is important for having a highly successful ecommerce website. If a visitor to your online shop can simply access your products and get their needs, the chances of them turning into a sale increases significantly.

Your products should be listed in structured categories to make it easier for your customers to browse the products that they came on to your website to look for. By including a good website formation will also assist search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Duckduckgo and others to crawl and rank your website accordingly. Normally if you are looking for online products you will get online stores that have well a navigational structure ranking at the top of search engine listings.

Customer focused content

The content on your ecommerce website should be focused on your visitors. The website content must offer knowledgeable information to assist your customer understand if the products that you have for sale are right for them.

Having quality, unique and knowledgeable information in your website content will help to create a good user experience for your visitors and will encourage them to stay on your website longer and enhance the chances of them making a purchase or to return to your website.

Detailed Product descriptions

Feeding into the important features of an Ecommerce website above, all ecommerce website owners should spend time creating content to provide their customers with detailed information on the products that you have for sale. In many cases more webmasters just copy and paste content from what their suppliers afford. This will have detrimental effects to your efforts of getting your website ranked on search engines like Google who have algorithms that punish duplicate content.

Related products to upsell and increase profits

Related product suggestions are a great way to increase the profits of your ecommerce shop. Not only does this feature improve customer experience helping visitors view more products in your shop but they can help upsell accessories and related items.

The more your visitors browse through your site, the more they will remember your offerings and come back to view more and increase the chances of them coming back to buy more.

These are some important features of e-commerce websites. If you have any queries, contact webnexs.