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In the Red Haze

In the Red Haze

Video on Hawaiian beach:

When the red haze makes your 

world aglow

and evening casts its sweet charm

the waves whisper their secrets

and mysterious night beckons...

the damp sands bury 

the dreary day

the zephyr breeze cools 

a lined forehead

and wishes loom in the horizon

a balm on the wound.

The silky surface

the luminous surf 

licking the shores in gentle strokes

the frisky crabs darting in mirth.

Palm fronds frollicking in

an evening trance.

Salty scent on my nose,

I drink from my Bacchanalian jug

heady with the wine 

of the waning light.

Alone I streak 

through the slippery sand

barefoot through the 

now windy night

blowing a kiss to the limitless sky

brushing away bruises

breaking my stride.

The surf lashes 

the distant rocks, 

the crescendo of a powerful turn,

swelling waves speak a

new tongue now.

Stars wink,

the tide will turn.

The dark, rolling infinity

hides all within.

The stillness of the night

speaks nothing of

the depths of turbulence beneath,

the glorious rainforest 

of the ocean

vibrant with its busy life,

rainbow reefs shielding its pride,

colourful corals shying 

from prying eyes.

Much goes on beneath the surface,

the gentle waves at high noon

and raging ones 

on the other side of midnight 

conspire to hide the

untold tale.

The story aeons old.

A gusty breeze tosses my hair 

as I sit uncaring on the wet sand

far away from 

that unknown world,

that timeless land

mocking, chuckling,

alive and teasing, 

challenging man's

limited mind.

The minutes tick by,

I wonder

am I on my own here

or is there anyone around tonight? 

Is this night lost,

its staggering beauty 

falling on blind eyes?

The rising crescendo 

portends a coming storm.

Perhaps I should move out,

but I can't budge.

Suddenly I hear a slight 

whiff of sound, 

fluttering wings maybe...

Up ahead on the breaking wave 

I see a dark shape fly past

to settle on the wet sand.

It darts to and fro

moving about merrily 

in solitary splendour 

on that dark, moonless night.

I gaze spellbound 

senses swimming with 

the sights and sounds 

of the lonely land.

What was keeping me 

transfixed here

unable to reach out

or retreat?

And then it turned

a splendid white owl,

looked me in the eye, 

spread its huge white wings and, 

flying low

vanished from sight.

Realization dawned.

I slowly got up and 

walked back into the night.

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#3 Thank you so much

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This is an imaginative buzz with supreme thoughts

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#2 Keep on writing because you are gifted and imaginative writer. The link to the buzz is

I hope to include a comment by you next time

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#1 Dear me! I'm thrilled it caught your eye. I was enthralled with your Iceberg buzz. And good I caught up with you. I couldn't open the nugget of comments presentation. I want to see that. Please tell me how. Thanks too. Hope you are doing good.

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I wrote a buzz titled Wavy World. I didn't know it is much more than I ever expected as your buzz is burdened with glorious imaginations. Descriptions such as
"swelling waves speak a
new tongue now."
"Much goes on beneath the surface,
the gentle waves at high noon
and raging ones"
You amazed me with the high quality of this buzz @Nandita De.

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