Nandita De en beBee in English, Creative and Media Professionals Administrator • Studio Quaintrelle 5/4/2018 · 1 min de lectura · ~100


Don't mock the wind

it's stronger than you.

The plant that bears 

no flowers

is pertinent too.

Invisible in broad daylight

yet singing their own song,

they exist in rhapsody

and crave not 

the limelight.

Silence is their strength

the shadows their shade.

They seek not the show

and sway in solemn grace.

The rock that's lying


for years on end

has life thriving under it

and an energy unseen.

Mock not what one knows

naught of,

for mountains have ridges 


and forests paths unknown.

Somewhere in the recesses

of our minds

lie hope

which has not yet come to term,

pregnant with possibilities,

awaiting its turn.

That man in the neighbourhood

no one knows of,

immersed in his papers,

the spectacles 

his only companion...

that man may know something 

that the rest run around

to find.

Sweep away the layers

smothering what's real.

There's no time, for

the masquerade must end.

Layers of consciousness,

layer upon layer,

left to be uncovered.

Waters of wisdom

not to be tasted by all.

The quietest of them all

saw what was coming,

in silence

the mind spoke the loudest.

In stillness the journey

suddenly becomes clear.

The movements that 

paralysed the being


and paves the path

for rebirth.

Forces that we know

nothing of

may come one day,

sweep us to realms

restored by faith.

Mock me not

for there are many of me,

my mind might break

but within

something remains,


by nandita de