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Narendar Yasa: A Career in Pharmacy

Narendar Yasa is an accomplished pharmacist in his local community, and has enjoyed the opportunity to work within a career he loves for over 20 years. The head pharmacist at the local Colton’s Pharmacy, Narendar Yasa relishes in the chance to put his skills, training and experience to good use on a daily basis, and to perform a real and helpful service to people throughout the community.

For those interested in making pharmacy a career, it’s important to note the following:

Undergraduate pharmacy courses are essential.

Narendar Yasa: A Career in Pharmacy

Many undergraduate programs across the country offer courses in pharmacy, making it possible to get your feet wet in the industry right out of high school. These classes often feed into graduate and doctoral-level pharmacy programs.

You must be licensed.

To practice pharmacy in the United States, regardless of where you are, you will need to earn your license. Generally, this requires a degree from an accredited pharmacy program, as well as the completion of a three-part licensing exam.

Additional education will be needed.

As Narendar Yasa knows, the pursuit of additional, ongoing pharmacy education, that which goes beyond the standard graduate and doctoral-level curriculum, is important to maintain your pharmacy license throughout your career.

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